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A lot of world gender Envy together a guy, however it states they"re genderless. That"s canon. Why did people use "he", then? was it due to the fact that people didn"t recognize to usage the gender neutral tantamount "they"?


Short answer: Yes.

Long answer:

The habit of introduce to Envy with male pronoun goes earlier all the method to the at an early stage days of FMA. Return we know from guidebooks that Envy is nonbinary (genderfluid? I’m not really certain of the specifics however whatever), their sex never actually comes up in ~ the narrative, and those guidebooks may not have been out at the moment that FMA was first translated.

Furthermore, personalities with vaguely androgynous (by west standards) appearances favor Envy space pretty typical in manga. If it’s sometimes possible to determine a seemingly androgynous character’s gender based upon their Japanese pronouns, as much as i know, Envy constantly refers to themself and“kono Envy” (”I, Envy”) rather than, say, the masculine“ore” or feminine“atashi” or anything choose that.

Envy looks prefer the kind of character that is commonly a guy; Nonbinary personalities aren’t all the common, and also in basic nonbinary identities weren’t as well known in the early on 2000s as they space now, therefore it’s highly likely that early translators looked in ~ Envy and just presume they were a dude based on common manga tropes. On peak of this, Envy in the 2003 anime genuinely is male, gift the failed effort at resurrecting Dante and also Hohenheim’s son, and is referred to as such.

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Of course most English-speaking FMA fans room going to speak to Envy“he” if lock don’t know any type of better, since that’s how whatever in English refers to them- because that the factors I just described above. Ns hope that the new edition the the manga will change Envy’s pronouns, however regardless, now you recognize where it come from.

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