We all reap flowers. In our homes, flowers make lovely table centrepieces, and also they are beautiful in our gardens. Flowers space also an important element in wedding and also prom traditions, consisting of bouquets, boutonnieres, and also floral hairpieces.

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We each have actually our favorite flowers, yet there are so numerous unusual types! There room bound to be some we haven't heard the yet.

Are girlfriend researching flowers? If so, the complying with alphabetical perform of flower names could come in handy. Are you looking for baby or pet name ideas? Then read on! we hope you enjoy seeing all the various kinds that flowers and also their names.

Flower name That begin With the Letter A


Acanthus mollis, generally known as bear's britches or oyster plant. Functions smooth leaves and also tall spikes of purple and also white flowers.

by Dcrjsr, CC, via wikiamedia

AcaciaAcanthusAloe, SocotrineAmaranthAmerican ashAngelicaAnthericumArumArum, Fly-catchingAsh-leaved Trumpet-flowerAspenAster, China

Flower surname That start With the Letter B


Bellflower, or campanula, prosper in many areas of the world, with ranges in phibìc America, the southern Hemisphere, and also South Africa.

public domain via Wikimedia

BarberryBasilBellflowerBellflower, pyramidalBindweed, fieldBindweed, purpleBlackthornBladder, sennaBluebottleBorageBrambleBroom, pricklyBroom, SpanishBroomrapeBryonyBuck-beanBuglossBurdock

Plant name That begin With the Letter C


Cinquefoil means "five petals." The plant resembles a strawberry plant and is sometimes recognized by the surname "barren strawberry."

by Phil Sellens, CC, via flickr

CactusCatch-fly, night-floweringCelsia, great-floweredChristmas aconiteCinquefoilClianthusClove pinkColumbineColtsfootCorianderCrowfoot, meadowCrowfoot, marshCrown Imperial

Flower names That begin With the Letter D


This dahlia is dubbed "Thomas Edison." your deep violet petals grow to kind a flower between 6 to 8 inch across.

by mark Twyning/ Marktee1, CC, via Wikipedia

DahliaDaffodilDaisy, doubleDaisy, singleDaisy, wildDandelionDate, plumDaylily, yellowDittany that CreteDittany of CreteDittany, whiteDockDodderDragon-plant

Flower surname That begin With the Letter E


Enchanter's Nightshade, or circaea, is called after the enchantress Circe native Greek mythology, who is claimed to have used enchanter's nightshade in she magic.

by Jason Hollinger, CC, via wikimedia.org - Enchanters Nightshade (3818301462) by Jason Hollinger - Enchanter's NightshadeUploaded by Amada44. License

The fig marigold is native to southern Africa and has thick, fleshy leaves and flowers in assorted bright colours.

by Okano, CC, via flickr

All components of Goat's rue, or tephrosia virginiana, space toxic come people and animals. The stems offered to be used as fish poison.

by Fritzflohrreynolds, CC, via wikimedia.

Geranium, cloudedGeranium, roseGeranium, scarletGilliflower, Mahon'sGilliflower, stockGoat's rueGoosefoot

Flower name That begin With the Letter H

Honesty flower bloom in purple and also white. Once their summer bloom is finished, the flower dry to come to be paper-thin, transparent, double-layered disks the enclose the seeds for the following year's flowers.

by ann Burgess, CC, via wikimedia

HazelHedysarumHeathHelenium, smoothHepaticaHibiscusHogbeanHollow-rootHollyHollyhockHonestyHoneysuckleHornbeamHortensiaHyacinth, expandedHyacinth, gardenHyacinth, wildHybrid crinum

Flower names That start With the Letter I

Jamaica plumJapan roseJessamine, usual whiteJessamine, roseJessamine, Spanish

Flower surname That start With the Letter K

The King's Spear stalk can grow up come 4 feet (1.22 m) in height and is covered with glowing yellow flowers.

CC via wikimedia

Lady's eardrops, or fuchsia, bloom in a vibrant array of colours native deep purple to red and also pale pink.

by Poco a poco, CC, via wikimedia

LaburnumLady's bedstrawLady's-eardrop, fuchsiaLarchLarkspurLaurelLaurestineLavenderLichenLilacLilac, whiteLilyLily, LentLily the the valleyLucerne

Flower name That start With the Letter M

A root because that the typical marshmallow flower to be the original source for the smell of marshmallows.

CC, via Wikimedia

MadderMadder, yellowManchineelMandrakeMarigold, capeMarigold, gardenMarshmallowMarvel that PeruMeadow saffronMeadowsweetMezereonMilfoilMilkwortMistletoeMotherwortMugwortMyrtle

Flower name That begin With the Letter N

Nightshade plants are provided to produce staple foodstuffs for many cultures, and medicine.

public domain, via Wikimedia

The flower osmunda is actually a cluster of fern fronds, strictly wound, about to unfold.

CC, via Wikimedia

Ophrys, paris orchidOphrys, spider orchidOrange blossomOsmunda

Flower name That start With the Letter P

PansyParsleyPasque flowerPassion flowerPeonyPeppermintPeriwinklePersian CandytuftPheasant's eyePimpernel, redPink MuskPolemoniumPomegranatePrickly pearPrickly poppy, whitePrimrosePrivet

Flowers That begin With The Letter Q

The round-leaved sundew is a carnivorous plant. This one is bending come capture and eat one insect.

CC, via Wikipedia

ReedRestharrowRoseRose, hundred-leavedRosebay willowherbRosemaryRound-leaved sundewRue

Flower surname That start With The Letter S

The bright red stigmas the the saffron crocus space dried and also used to develop the food preparation spice saffron.

CC, via Wikimedia

SaffronSageSea LavenderSensitive plantSilverweedSnowballSnowdropSouthernwoodSpeedwellStar the BethlehemStar that Bethlehem, pyramidalStarwortSuccorySunflowerSweet Sultan, yellowSweet WilliamSyringa

Flower names That start With The Letter T

Venus' looking glass is one herb that was supplied by native Americans come treat indigestion.

CC, via Wikipedia

Valerian, redVenus's spring GlassVervainViolet IvyViolet, sweetViolet, whiteVirgin's BowerVirginia CowslipVirginia Spiderwort

Flower name That start With the Letter W

Wood anenome is a spring-blooming flower the is additionally called windflower.

by Rosendahl, public domain, via Wikimedia

Wake-robinWallflowerWater lily, peltatedWater lily, whiteWater lily, yellowWillowherb, purpleWoadWood AnemoneWood sorrelWormwoodWreath the Roses

Flower surname That start With The Letter X

The yew flower is actually the cone of the evergreen yew tree.

by Didier Descouens, CC, via Wikipedia

Names because that GirlsNames because that Boys




William (for Sweet William!)




Drake (for Mandrake)



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