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Find the lateral area the a cone through a radius of 7 ft. And a slant height of 13 ft. 0 votes

Use 3.14 because that π and also round to the nearest tenth.

439.6 ft^2

324.5 ft^2

571.5 ft^2

285.7 ft^2

lateral-surface-areaaskedMar 16, 2013in ALGEBRA 2by chrisgirlApprentice

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The lateral area of a cone is r L

where r is the radius but L is the slant height and = 3.14 ring to the nearest tenth

The radius r = 7ft

Slant elevation L = 13ft

The lateral area the a cone = r L

Substitute r = 7ft and L = 13ft in the lateral area of cone

The lateral area the a cone = r L

The lateral area of a cone = X 7 X 13

Substitute = 3.14 round to the nearest tenth

The lateral area the a cone = 3.14 X 91

There fore the lateral area of a cone = 285.74sqft.

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