Can friend marry a companion in fallout 4?

You can’t obtain married in autumn 4, but you deserve to attend Curie’s wedding if you assist her out. Learn much more about the companions in autumn 4 here.

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How perform I put power armor training perk?

Fallout 3. Throughout the choose Up the Trail, inquiry permission for power armor training indigenous Elder Lyons. Afterward, speak come Paladin Gunny in the Bailey (courtyard) the the Citadel to receive the perk. Automatically gained upon perfect The American Dream.

How execute you get scorched Sierra power armor?

The player character demands to nuke the NCR in ~ the finish of Lonesome road to open up the long 15 and also gain access to the armor. Regardless of its appearance, the fit is not taken into consideration faction armor, thus it can be for sure worn in any location there is no repercussions.

How perform I obtain into Remnants bunker?

The bunker is sealed through a password that deserve to only be derived through Arcade Gannon’s companion quest, because that Auld Lang Syne. After speak to the five members of the Enclave remnants, the Courier will certainly have collected the words crucial to do the password “dear old friends, remember Navarro” in order to enter.

Where is the key to black Mountain second floor?

Tabitha’s room crucial is required to enter, which have the right to be uncovered either ~ above Tabitha’s human body or under a small rock in ~ the stairs the the building.

Where is Raul in black color Mountain?

Raul is in the jail on top of black Mountain.

How do I gain Raul to settle things for free?

Dude, gain raul in her actual party first. Talk to him. Fire him, yet SEND HIM come HIS SHACK, not the lucky 38. Go there, talk to him, repair, voila.

What guns can Raul use?

Raul’s key weapon of choice is a . 44 Magnum Revolver, which is very powerful in Raul’s hands. The pistol will never ever break nor run out of ammunition, make Raul other of a tank as soon as equipped with powerful armor.

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Where is rauls shack?

New Vegas

Where do Tabitha and also Rhonda go?

Tabitha and also Rhonda walk east, v Caesar’s land. Occasionally tales of your exploits found their method back west, though couple of believed them. Eventually the stories worrying the duo were gathered and published, and also proved to it is in quite popular with children.


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