Fallout new Vegas: how to assist Arcade Gannon Reunite the Enclave Remnants if he"s a good man with an excellent intentions, Fallout: brand-new Vegas" Arcade Gannon has actually dark secrets in his past. Yet can they be used for good?

amongst the numerous companions to recruit in Fallout: new Vegas, Arcade Gannon is the many mysterious. Always deflecting any type of questions about him personal or his past, you can"t help but think he"s gained something large to hide.

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Found in the Old Mormon fort within Freeside, Arcade Gannon is a scientist and also member the the pendant of the Apocalypse, an organization specialized to offering humanitarian aid and education across the wasteland. However, as a young child, he was component of the Enclave and the son of one officer who died when he was young. When the brand-new California Republic and also Brotherhood of steel sacked the Enclave"s last West coastline base at Navarro, Gannon and also his mommy fled through troopers indigenous his father"s old unit before they all went into hiding.

To recruitment Gannon to your party, players must either gain a high reputation through the pendant by completing some of their quests, have actually a Speech ability of 75, have the evidenced Bachelor Perk or an intelligence of 3 or reduced (in which case he bring away pity ~ above you). Choose Craig Boone, Gannon won"t tolerate players that aid or support the Legion, so selecting a Legion playthrough isn"t advised through him in her party.

Toinitiate his quest, players will require to obtain his trust and have progressed through the key story enough that they"re working to help one that the main factions with winning the final battle. Arcade keeps a running tally of to trust "points" the player character has actually earned through doing points he likes. Players should earn about five points either by going to places that trigger positive memory of the Enclave, flattering him, doing smart things or helping out the Followers.

These points can most quickly be gained by traveling to locations like the Crashed Vertibird, the silver Rush in Freeside, the REPCONN Headquarters building and The Fort. He"ll concern why they"re there, and football player should respond by choosing "Let"s just listen to him, figure out what he"s increase to, and get out." More points can be got by conversing through Thomas Hildern in Camp McCarren, agreeing through Gannon’s pointer to divert power to Freeside during "That happy Old Sun" quest and also siding v Tom Anderson throughout the pursuit "The White Wash."

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after ~ gaining Gannon"s trust, he"ll technique you and tell truth around his origins in the Enclave. He believes the his friend in hiding have the right to assist in the upcoming final fight to loss Caesar"s Legion. If football player agree, the search "For Auld Lang Syne" will certainly start. This calls for you to find and convince the Remnants to concerned a meeting.

The five former soldiers are Daisy Whitman (who"s found near the Hotel in Novac), Cannibal Johnson (who lives in Cannibal Johnson"s cave northwest the Camp Golf), Orion Moreno (who"s uncovered in an unmarked house north that NCR Sharecropper Farms), Judah Krieger (who"s in Westside) and also Doctor Henry (who"s discovered in the ski lodge that Jacobstown). Football player will require to complete the pursuit "Guess that I observed Today" before Doctor Henry agrees come come. Every will provide the player character a single word of the five-word passphrase necessary to open up the bunker, i m sorry is "Dear old friends, psychic Navarro."

After conversing through each Remnant member, Gannon will certainly talk come the player and comment on said persona. Each time, players have the right to either respond by trying to let go of the past and also forge a brand-new future, or host on to the past. If many player responses were to allow go, this will certainly convince Gannon to remain with the Followers and not fight in ~ the Dam; if many of the responses to be to organize on, Gannon will be lean to aid by directly assisting in the battle.

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after ~ entering the bunker and also the within command room, Judah Kreger will ask whether the Courier wants them to assist the NCR or Caesar"s Legion in the upcoming battle. Those who wish come side v either Yes man or Mr. Residence should help the NCR. If football player ask them to side v the NCR, Orion Moreno pipeline the room in protest and also equips his armor and weapons. If players have a Speech skill of 80 or has actually Wild son reputation with the NCR, Orion can be encouraged to take part in the attack, yet otherwise he will attack and must it is in killed.

If the Courier instead asks them to side v the Legion, Cannibal Johnson and also Arcade Gannon will certainly leave, and also there is no method to convince them to stay. Either way, among the Remnants will administer you with a fit of Enclave power Armor, as well as power armor maintain if friend don"t currently have it.

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After leaving the bunker, Arcade will technique the player. If the Remnants to be told to aid the Legion, he"ll accuse you of being crazy and also leave your party permanently. If castle were encouraged to fight v the NCR, he"ll questioning if the should join the Remnants in ~ the fight for the Dam. You deserve to suggest a path, however if it contradicts the advice offered when very first recruiting the Remnants, it"ll take a Speech inspect of 80 to change his mind. Regardless, he"ll will leave for a time prior to returning through the Gannon family members Tesla Armor. If that intends come fight, he"ll be wearing the armor, yet if he returns come the Followers, he"ll provide it to you. Either way, he pipeline the party for the rest of the game.

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Once football player to commence the 2nd Battle that Hoover Dam, the Remnants squad will arrive via Vertibird and also take part in the battle, fighting top top whichever side you chose. Afterwards, your selection regarding Gannon and also the Remnants will certainly be presented in the ending slides. The Remnants will always be depicted as disappearing after the battle is over, highlight awe and terror come both sides of the conflict. Gannon will either be shown as embracing his Enclave technology and weapons and using it for good, or providing strictly humanitarian assist to brand-new Vegas by sticking with the Followers.