Hi. Im ttc no2. Ns 13 dpo my af is due monday. Ive been acquisition tests all week and also all been negative. I took another this morning and it was really faint positive, i took it out of the plastic simply to twin check. Around 10 mins after ~ the line vanished. Ns so confused. Pregnant or not? ???

No ns didnt think to at the time. I was make the efforts to call my girlfriend coz i was gonna take it to hair to obtain a second opinion however by the moment she got back to me ten mins later on the line had actually gone it was very faint. Prefer it was through my boy also.

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The 2 an extremely faint positives I acquired on sainsburys test have actually disappeared. To check I got a very first response (boots space doing buy 1 get 1 free) and it come up positive. Ns was 10dpo. V my critical 2 I"ve not had actually a hopeful till a few days after mine af was due.
The 2 really faint positives I gained on sainsburys test have disappeared. To confirm I acquired a an initial response (boots room doing to buy 1 get 1 free) and it come up positive. I was 10dpo. V my last 2 I"ve not had actually a confident till a couple of days after my af to be due.

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I think you have to wait until AF is due and also then check again. There"s no way of understanding for certain at this step! Saying that i looked at my 2 BFP Tesco tests again the various other day- one has actually stayed the same however one has actually disappeared. Luckily I have photos of 2 CB digitals to store me sane! yes, really think you should wait and test again in a pair of job xx
Hello ive had similar...im early on tomorrow..had a poundland test and a really faint 2nd line showed up to say it to be positive.. Therefore i visited sainsburys and got 2 of your tests both began with a cross (faint) in the positive window attached..but about fifty percent hour later on it clears and shows it together negative?! little help....ta
Hello, offered sainsburys a few days ago, it provides a time border to inspect the window, therefore after 10 mins I would certainly assume the test can change, personally ns wouldn"t use sainsburys again together I had a blue evap heat within the 10 mins shot an early response? great luck
Morning. Well, af early out today. Mine usually comes beforehand in the morning before ive even done the institution run. Its no come yet. I"m goin mad goin to the toilet every time i think i feel something. I did do an additional test this morning, exceptionally faint, would be easy to miss. Im wondering if its just my creative thinking now. All i have the right to do is wait i intend xx
Hello ive had actually similar...im early out on tomorrow..had a poundland test and a very faint 2nd line appeared to to speak it to be positive.. So i visited sainsburys and got 2 of their tests both began with a cross (faint) in the positive home window attached..but about half hour later it clears and also shows it as negative?! little help....ta
Hi becky. The test looks an extremely positive. Maybe its since we"re just a few days preg that its so faint and also then fading shortly after? any kind of sign of af yet?? Xx
They are definitely positives becky! shot a super drug test if you want to an additional confirmation, they are an excellent to pick up early. Congratulations
They absolutely look positive. The sainsburys people I had the heat disappeared after ~ a couple of hours ~ above the 1st the second was gone by the following day.
Hey! I had actually this through my bfp, for this reason don"t worry! i was experimentation on the internet cheapies and was encouraged they to be evaps together if had actually one in the past prior to a huge af which i now understand was a chemical.However i kept trial and error & they eventually stuck around... Currently I have a really active tiny boy in my tummy!Congrats