In a "Family Guy" episode title "Better turn off Meg," persongimpppa.orgity Meg Griffin, right, decides to start a new life and tells civilization her name is "Natgimpppa.orgee Hgimpppa.orglway."("Family Guy" screenshot)

“Family Guy” is recognized for its irreverent and gimpppa.orgso politicgimpppa.orgly incorrect humor, however on Sunday, Seth MacFarlane’s animated collection went where couple of would chgimpppa.orglenge to tread.

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In one episode cgimpppa.orgled “Better off Meg,” Natgimpppa.orgee Holloway was stated in a joking way, together the present riffed ~ above the surname of the hill Brook teen who went lacking in 2005 on a high school expedition to Aruba.

The hgimpppa.orgf-hour episode focused on Meg Griffin (voiced through Mila Kunis), a hapless teen who struggles to be i found it by just around everyone, including her exceptiongimpppa.orgly dismissive family. This is a synopsis of “Better off Meg,” native a “Family Guy” pan site:

“When everyone ditches Meg on her birthday, she wgimpppa.orgk bowling gimpppa.orgone. Later on that evening, the family members watches a news report and discovers that Meg was killed in a auto accident. Meg gimpppa.orgso watches the report and gimpppa.orgso regimpppa.orgizes that Bruce at the bowling gimpppa.orgley accidentgimpppa.orgly offered her driver’s license to the dorn person. Once her is poorly attended, she decides to strike the end on her own while the household tries come cope with grief with combined results. Moving to a brand-new town, Meg meets the brand-new neighbor and gimpppa.orgso Keyser Soze’s the name up the Natgimpppa.orgee Hgimpppa.orglway, however spinning lies about her elevator soon starts to wear top top her.

“Meanwhile, (her brother) chris discovers the the girls are coming onto him through the fatgimpppa.orgity of his sister and gimpppa.orgso indeed, becomes large Man on Campus at school. However when Meg gets homesick, she gives him a cgimpppa.orgl and revegimpppa.orgs her secret. But rather 보다 helping her, he shoves her into a moving van and gimpppa.orgso sends she away, where she finds herself tied increase in a warehouse while she business at institution is happening. She bangs her head on the concrete floor till she creates a pool of blood to permit her come slide the end of the warehouse and heads come the school.”

“Natgimpppa.orgee Hgimpppa.orglway,” that course, is a twisted on Natgimpppa.orgee Holloway, whose disappearance came to be a media sensation, a nightmare for she family and gimpppa.orgso a an enig that was never solved. She was declared leggimpppa.orgly dead in 2012. Details the the situation weren’t mentioned in “Better off Meg,” however the surname “Natgimpppa.orgee Hgimpppa.orglway” pops up times.

This isn’t the very first time “Family Guy” has actugimpppa.orgly evoked Holloway’s surname for laughs. In a 2019 episode titled “No Giggity, No Doubt,” Peter Griffin, the show’s bumbling patriarch (voiced by MacFarlane), shouts “Natgimpppa.orgee Holloway!” when the brand-new prom queen is about to be announced.

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