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Bought 2 from Costco last year. The settings were fiddled a lot throughout the year partly since at testing, it seemed ok. Yet on windy days, the lights were set off a lot and then the lights continued to be on because that a lengthy time. Fiddled, fiddled, fiddled till i am so fed up v them.I desire to reset it again yet not sure if the knob is in ~ the right place to start. Googled but no virtual manual.If anyone can help, appreciate it. Thanks.

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yogilo wrote: ↑Bought two from Costco critical year. The setups were fiddled a lot throughout the year partly since at testing, it seemed ok. However on public days, the lights were set off a lot and also then the lights continued to be on for a long time. Fiddled, fiddled, fiddled till i am for this reason fed up with them.I desire to reset the again however not certain if the knob is in ~ the right position to start. Googled yet no digital manual.If anyone might help, appreciate it. Thanks.
Take both knobs come test place (sensitivity and also time). Higher the sensitivity - an ext likely because that it to move on a windy day. Store the sensitivity to mid range or lower and also timer in very first 1/4 which means you lights should be on for 1 minute or so. It has timer ability upto 10 minutes.I had same problem. I changed it gradually. Carry out it in the direction of evening (near dark). I had big chime in prior porch and also due to high sensitivity the light supplied to switch on through chime motions in high winds.The lights space really good and do the area fine illuminated.

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I need some help with getting the burned out bulbs indigenous the housing. Transforming the hood either left or appropriate doesn"t seem to release it from the real estate to give accessibility to the bulbs. I haven"t to be able to discover a hands-on for the ES-100t or any kind of other EML protection light. Many thanks in advance.

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