Monarch Queen Elizabeth II
Edge plain
Weight 9.4 grams
Diameter 30.8 mm
Comp bronze
Minted London, England
Mintage approx. 654,564,000
Scarcity relatively usual for period

Obverse Mary Gillick
Reverse Leonard Charles Wyon

Grading is not the end of the story.

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Some coins will be dropped, knocked, scratched, buried, soaked, abused,

modified, cleaned, submitted to the elements, or otherwise under-loved.

Any an adverse impacts, such together a scratch, bump, discolouration, verdigris,

indications that cleaning, etc, would be thought about "detractors", which

significantly, (negatively), affect value.

Further, grading is subjective.

If a human or agency expresses a grade, the is much less a "fact", and much more an

opinion based upon their experience.

So yes, you deserve to assess a coin using a guide to help evaluate grade, and

therefore what it might be precious to who else, yet keep in mind

that that is one opinion.

Experienced collectors will have actually their own opinion of a coin"s grade, together will

dealers, and also there are even professional 3rd party grading providers that

will assess, grade, and also "slab" a coin to certify their opinion the grade.

(for a in the name fee).

A final note.

Values provided here are estimates only that what a expert dealer might

sell a coin because that in a specific grade, v no detractors. They space intended to

be provided as "indication only".

What you could expect to acquire for it together a layman is most likely closer come an auction

price, which in most cases, would efficiently be a dealer"s all price.

Perhaps 25% come 30%, up to maybe 70% or 80% of the approximated values,

if you room patient and also have who who desires your coin. You may do better

if you have actually something specifically sought after.

If you room conservative in her mindset, friend are much less likely to it is in disappointed.

Good luck, and happy collecting!

Coins have historically been made from

relatively soft metals.

Over time, through circulation, coins wear and also lose

detail, specifically in the higher areas that the design.

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At it"s simplest, "grade" refers to the level the detail

remaining, compared to what to be there in the

first place.

Grading Terms

VGVery Good
VFVery Fine
EFExtremely Fine
aUncabout Uncirculated