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Also well-known As: Dragon ball Z: The legacy of goku 2Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Unknown Publisher: Atari ESRB Rating: Everyone release Date: June 17, 2003

When break the generator in Vinnie"s house, the bespeak of the breakers indigenous left to right is "off, on, off, off, on, on" climate the door in Vinnie"s residence will open, and also in over there is a generator.

Mayor"s home Tropical islands where Piccolo (or God) lives northern desert Northern mountains B building of the West City near Goku"s house (there is a way behind trees)

When you space out searching for Dr. Gero"s lab, friend fight him once before entering a conserve area. While in the save area don"t walk forward, rather go left to. Over there you will discover a obstacle with one orange "? " mark on that (which is because that Goku)after you death the tiger bandits use the Masenko tide to fight the triceratops on the various other side the the gate, after girlfriend hit it, it will certainly charge at however wont hit friend (thanks to the barrier) you have the right to punch it with the wood area of the gate or use the Masenko tide on the till the dies. Repeat this procedure until you reach a preferred level. (Ive acquired Gohan come level 40 v using this glitch).

If you walk to Capsule Corp. To Bulmas room, girlfriend will view Bulma"s mommy in the life room or the kitchen. Speak to her and she will provide you a cookie. You have the right to keep collection cookies till you have actually 99 the them. They will provide you 5 HP each.

If you operation out that energy, get to a secluded location with no enemies, or if you are in a big battle, obtain to a ar where the boss can"t get to you, and also wait. Eventually your character will do something to recharge their energy. This list explains what because that each character:Gohan: sit on the floor to remainder (recharges much faster if he is close come something he have the right to sit & skinny against)Piccolo: Floats in the air and begins to enter a Namkian Meditative State (Meditating)Vegeta: stand still and holds the end a Saiyan energy Orb, it starts to glow and also cause a slight wind the recharges Vegeta"s Ki EnergyTrunks: ~ a while of stand still, Trunks gets the end his sword, sticks the reminder of the in the ground, and also leans top top itGoku: goku gets down on the floor on his hands and also knees and then starts to carry out push-upsHercule: Hurcule go absolutely nothing. He just stands over there the same way all the time, but in law so, the regains his normal human energy, not Ki Energy.

Hiding from Android 17

During the battle against 17 hide behind the tree were he can"t attack but girlfriend can.

Talking Dog

Talk come a normal dog and the very first three times he will say Woof! Then as soon as you speak to him the 4th time he will say would you rub my ship please?

West City: 5Warlords Domain: 2Triceratops Jungle: 2Southern Continent: 3Northern Mountains: 6Outside Gingertown: 2Gingertown: 1Tropical Islands: 1East district 439: 2Master Roshi"s Island: 1There space 25 every together.

In bespeak to do this your character should be ableto turn into super saiyan or supervisor namek. Firstturn right into super saiyan or super namek, climate afew seconds before you operation out that energy, holdthe A button and let it seek your energyruns out and your no longer a at sight saiyan orsuper namek.(the bright won"t stop unless girlfriend flyout or walk to another section)

When you obtain there with Vageta, girlfriend should find asave spot and save. Switch to Gohon. Then obtain to25-30 come beat andrid 19. Then obtain to 35-40 to getclose to beet android 20.

Later in the game Yajirobe will certainly stop providing yousenzu beans.To get much more talk come Korin in ~ histower(use the trip circle on Kami"s lookout)and he"ll ask you for three fish. To acquire fish goin an area whereby water is(ex. Lake intriceratops jungle) and fight enemies. If wateris in the same screen as you space in, the enemymight drop a fish. Offer three fish come Korin andyou get a senzu bean.

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To unlock the statues for Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks,and Piccolo, gain each character to level 50.Then, find each character"s level 50 barrier, andbrake it. Acquire to the end of the tunnel, and findthe statue. The statue will certainly go to the capsulecorperation where you deserve to admire it whenever youwant.

When you are battling, and depleted your energybar, (green) (Ex. Battling Triceretops King) runaround enough and it will present up.