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exactly how to gain the gloves that hurcuel:What you execute is walk to the save allude then go to the bottom left corner. Keep going south two times then go left. Once you walk to the following area look up and look at the tree every by it"s self. Walk behind it and then you have the gloves.255 Senzu Beans:When you are at the world tournament and gohan asks girlfriend to obtain a senzu bean because that Videl, go to kamis lookout and get them and go ago to Papaya-Island and also eat every three, as soon as you walk to gohan and he claims thanks dad, next time friend play press start and go to your invetory and also you will have actually 255 senzu beans (supplied by: XxBroly17xX)Z-Fighter Exhibits:Android #20"s Hat:After killing boy Buu, go back to the train. On the ar where human being usually were, girlfriend will discover 2 enemies. Defeat them because that this box. Ginyu"s Capsule:Talk to a scientist in the left side of the main structure of Capsule Corp. Ox King"s hat:Talk to King Ox in Goku"s house Gohan"s maintain sword:On Goku"s house, walk to the toybox and also search it for this item. Baba"s ball:Finish the game and also then talk to Baba, ~ above Yenma"s office. King Yemma"s Mug:After beating chapter 11, open the level 145 door through Goten in Pilaf"s Castle, continue to wherein the Dragon sphere was found, and also beat the enemies. The Bansho Fan:Break the level 140 obstacle with Gohan in the east District 439 area and also proceed come the end of the area to uncover the chest. Goku"s power Pole:Outside of Babidi"s spaceship in the Southwest Forest, walk to the peak right corner and also use prompt transmission to open the chest. Broly"s Crown:Defeat Broly in ~ the volcano. Yajirobe"s Sword:Walk about Yajirobe counter-clockwise three times and also he will drop an item near Babidi"s Spaceship. It is the artifact Yajirobe"s Sword. Yamcha"s Bat:In Diablo Desert, damage the boulder one area directly south of the conserve Circle King Kai"s Hammer:Go to the cavern of the Ancients on grand Kai"s world after perfect the Other civilization Tournament and also talk to Bubbles. Grand Kai"s Boombox:Speak to cool Kai on cool Kai"s earth after girlfriend defeat child Buu. Mr. Popo"s Turban:There is an invisible chest in prior of four trees top top Kami"s Lookout. Check between the center two Korin"s Cane:You will receive the Z-Fighter exhibition Korin"s Cane native Korin himself after you offer him red snapper fishes (supplied by: XxBroly17xX)Hercule Exhibits:Cape:Same together Weight Set. Moustache Wax:Same together Weight Set. Championship Belt:Same as Weight Set. Piiza action Figure:Give source Beer come the male in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. Autobiography:Same as Weight collection Sandwich:Same as Weight set Hercule action Figure:Give the Hercule-Ade to the guy in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. Crucial to West City:Give Elixer to the man in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. Video clip Game:Give super Elixer to the male in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. Hit popular music Single:Give Turkey come the man in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. Diploma:Give a Dino Tail come the man in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. Hercule Collectible card Game:Available as things in the gifts shop on Papaya Island (50000) Pirozhki action Figure:Found in a chest behind Totenhotep"s chamber. Hercule: The Movie:Found in a chest in the left room that Hercule"s Mansion in Hercule City. Boxing Gloves:Found behind a tree through blue fruit in eastern District 439. Collector"s Plate:After chapter 11, to win the ceo of the large Airship in ~ the optimal of the large continent. Waiting Hercule Shoes:Run the Orange Star High institution track 3 times approximately in under 16 seconds. Hercule Cereal:Available as an item in the gifts shop ~ above Papaya Island (25000 Zenny) weight Set:After chapter 9, go back to the Fukurou Forest and also open the personality gate. Walk north and give a bandana to the Ninja. Punching Bag:In the Thieves" Den, use Goku"s prompt Transmission method to obtain this chest on optimal of a roof. Hercule Comic publication Issue #1:Go to West citys Z-Mart as soon as you"ve ruined Kid Buu, and buy it for 30000 Zenie.Hair care Products:Go to male in West city thta desires a steak, give him one and also he will give you a hercule exhibit that is additionally known as Hair treatment Products (supplied by: XxBroly17xX)Stat-Points:The easiest method to loss all enemy"s consisting of Kid-Buu, once you level up, push start and go to the charecters invetory, and also press the -A- Botton and include the clues to her Streangth,Power or Indurance (supplied by: XxBroly17xX)Chapter Skip:When you have actually to get the Senzu Been, level up and also go to southwest forest and also go come the ship. You will certainly skip a chapter. (supplied by: thompsonwalter)Get the 4-star Dragon Ball:To acquire the 4-star Dragon ball from the town Preist in Nadaday village you have to gain the Dragon Balls in Theives Den, Pilafs" Castle, Kyoadai Pyramid, Diablo Desert and also the various other places. (supplied by: dopeyboy)

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There are 11 codes because that this game.(M)8b236d1709737ec4f8efc431dcf3726bMax limitless Zeniee1b9a799b47dab9fHave every Supplies01a8a7d70594d5a0Low game Time1d10449c3139b630GOKU CODES:Infinite HP89056abb89469761Max HP49c7e89e49eee6d6Infinite EP7d34cf5d96ca20c5Max EP31c13417a5adc080Max Level73f4d6bf509ffe13Max Statsd4dffa27c4d4e8ae gain the best an option of Cheats, Codes, Walkthroughs/Guides/FAQs, Unlockables, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and an ext from Cheat password Central.The Genie has more Dragon ball Z: Buu´s fury Cheats in ~ CheatingDome.com.