Dr. Justine Lee"s specialty is pet toxicity prevention, and in this blog she discusses few of the many dangerous toxins for dogs. For more from Dr. Lee, uncover her on Facebook!

Next week – march 17-23rd – is Poison avoidance Week, noting over five decades of much safer homes and saved lives. When this nationally-recognized awareness effort was initially directed in the direction of parents that two-legged kids, that has since morphed to incorporate our four-legged canine and feline household members! In conjunction with Poison avoidance Week, Pet toxicity Helpline, an pet poison regulate based out of Minneapolis, recently released the top 10 canine toxins from 2012. A vast shout out to them for helping spread this great info! we’ll cover the optimal 5 most usual dog poisons this week, complied with by the remaining in component II (make sure to inspect out the top 5 cat toxins of 2012, too!). Peak 10 canine toxicants:

Vitamins and mineralsNSAIDsCardiac medicationsInsect bait stationsCold and also allergy medicationsAntidepressants

ChocolateWhile one or two coco chips no a large deal for your dog, larger amounts can be poisonous. Coco contains the chemical theobromine, a chemical similar to caffeine, which is toxic to dog (and less so, come cats). Remember this fact: the darker and an ext bitter the chocolate, the much more dangerous it is. That way that baker’s chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, and also gourmet dark chocolates room the many dangerous, when white cacao (which right has any real coco in it) is typically less of a poisoning concern. Signs of coco poisoning incorporate gastrointestinal signs (e.g., drooling, vomiting, diarrhea), an elevated love rate, abnormal heart rhythm, anxiety, hyperactivity, and even tremors or seizures. Nothing forget around foods covered or dipped in chocolate; this can likewise be dangerous, together in enhancement to the chocolate, the food within (including macadamia nuts, espresso beans, and also raisins) can an outcome in a different kind of poisoning too. Mouse and rat poison (rodenticides)When it comes to mouse and rat poisons, there are several different active ingredients and types of action, making every one of them potentially poisonous to dogs. Relying on what form was ingested, poisoning can an outcome in inner bleeding, brain swelling, kidney failure, or even severe vomiting and bloat. Signs of poisoning include difficult breathing, sneeze (of blood), go drunk, tremoring, seizuring, vomiting, too much thirst or urination, and also acute death.

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Personally, I’m not a large advocate of having actually mouse and rat poison about your house if you have pets, together they attitude a poisoning risk to her dog, cat, and also to wildlife. As soon as in doubt, take into consideration using the an ext humane snap traps instead (which quickly kills mice and rats there is no poison).