This isn’t the steel lung, or even a human lung, yet did you understand that every time you take a breath you have physics to give thanks to for maintaining you alive. It is right! Physics is responsible for filling your lungs through air. Learn just how your lung work and also make a design that is bound to amaze your friends and also leave them…breathless.

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What girlfriend Need

2 balloonsa clear plastic water bottlescissorsthumbtack or nail

What come Do

Take one of the balloons and cut off the bottom part, leaving girlfriend with just the top part that might resemble a very small swim cap.

Using the thumbtack or nail, bag a feet in the bottom. The hole doesn’t need to be also large, around 2 -3 mm.

Cover the bottom that the water bottle and also the hole the you simply poked through the balloon you cut in step 1.

Take the various other balloon and also put it inside the bottle. Then wrinkles the bottom the the balloon around the rim of the bottle so the balloon hangs indigenous the top.

Pull on the bottom balloon membrane and also watch what happens to the balloon within the bottle.

Let walk of the balloon membrane and also observe what wake up to the balloon within the bottle.

You must see the balloon inflate together you pull out on the membrane and deflate as you let walk of the membrane. What causes this? Is over there a ghost blowing right into the balloon? Nope! It’s just physics!

What’s going On?

Did you recognize that right currently you have actually 14.7 pounds pushing versus every square customs of your body! That would be like having every square customs of her body sandwiched in between a pair of child twins! it is right, in our atmosphere there is pressure whichis an result that occurs as soon as a pressure is used on a surface. Therefore why nothing you feel like you are “under pressure” every the time? once the inside of friend is pushing the end as difficult as the outside is pushing in, the pressures balance and you feel nothing. But what happens if one next stops pushing as hard? transforms out the is how we deserve to breath!

Air pressure originates from teeny-tiny gas particles that are floating around, bumping into each other and bumping right into you. The particles will certainly take increase whatever space is easily accessible to them, until they operation into an object or a wall. Inside the plastic water bottle there room a bunch the gas particles bouncing turn off the wall surfaces of the bottle and filling up the space. When you pull down on the balloon membrane, you make the room inside the party larger, which gives the particles more room to relocate around. If the corpuscle have more room to move around, they won’t exert as lot pressure on the walls; they won’t bump right into things as often. Once you increase the volume (the lot of room) friend decrease the pressure inside that space, this regulation of physics is referred to as Boyle’s Law.

As the bottom balloon is traction down, the volume increases and the press decreases. But, the pressures on the inside and outside of the bottle must balance. The only way to store the press inside the party the exact same as the pressure exterior of the bottle is come decrease the volume again. The just thing that deserve to move to do that is the balloon ~ above top, so it expands.

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This is just how are lung operate. Inside our bodies, in ~ the basic of our lungs over there is a membrane referred to as the diaphragm. As soon as you inhale, your diaphragm contracts and flattens out, boosting the volume and also decreasing the push in your chest. Because you have much more room wait gets suck in with your mouth and also nose and into your lungs, just like it walk in the balloon, and also then your lungs fill with air. Her lungs are choose the balloon and the diaphragm is prefer the balloon membrane at the base of girlfriend bottle. As soon as you exhale your diaphragm relaxes which decreases the volume of her lungs and increases the pressure in her chest. Come make certain that her chest no explode, the air it s okay forced back out v your mouth and nose.

Try This!

Try law the experiment v a bigger bottle and also larger balloons. Walk it readjust how the inside balloon reacts?Try advertise the membrane in. What happens to the balloon within the bottle?Put her hand on your stomach. Once you breathe in you should feel your stomach expand. Why walk it perform this?

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