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Airports near Montgomery

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Average direct flight time1 hr 38 minsCheapest direct return flight$159Flights every week220Airlines that fly direct
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COVID-19 travel constraints are changing fast, but we"re below to aid you uncover the advice you need. Examine our live COVID-19 page for more info top top United claims travel restrictions, and to discover out if quarantine on arrival at Montgomery Dannelly Fld may be needed.
The average flight time come Montgomery Dannelly Fld is 2 hours and also 19 minutes. We"ve calculated this based on journeys indigenous Washington.
American Airlines, PSA Airlines, Qatar Airways, Aeromexico, undertaking Air, Delta, KLM and also Air France every fly non-stop come Montgomery Dannelly Fld.
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Flying come Montgomery Dannelly Fld

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Average trip time

1 hr 38 mins

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Most well-known airline

American Airlines

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About Montgomery Dannelly Fld

Flights to Montgomery local Airport (MGM) room popular around the time the the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and also for travelers who desire to tour Wright brothers Park. Likewise known together the Montgomery Dannelly ar Airport, this take trip hub has six gateways that handle commercial traffic from two different airlines and additionally functions together a military airport.

Facilities in ~ Montgomery regional Airport

American Eagle uses cheap flights to Montgomery Dannelly FLD airplane (MGM) native both Charlotte and Dallas, and its flights pass through gateways four and five. Entrances one, three and six are for Delta Connection, which offers flights to and also from Atlanta. A small onsite restaurant selling sandwiches, soups, coffee and cold drink in enhancement to functioning as a gift shop and bookstore. The Layover Lounge is the airport's bar for patrons end the age of 21.

The rental car agencies operation out of the Montgomery regional Airport incorporate Hertz, Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Alamo. Girlfriend can additionally pick up a bus indigenous the Montgomery Area Transit system stop located right external the airport. Taxis are right exterior the front doors, and it will cost in between $15 and also $20 to take it a taxi come the downtown area of Montgomery. The airport's phone application also permits users to publication an Uber and catch a journey in the pick-up and also drop-off area.

Things to do near Montgomery regional Airport

Sports fans have the right to watch the class AA Southern organization Montgomery Biscuits baseball team play in the Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium, which likewise hosts concerts and other events. Neighborhood colleges the play in the area incorporate Auburn university at Montgomery, Faulkner University and also Alabama State University. The Montgomery Zoo lets visitors acquire up near with much more than 200 different species of animals, and also the Montgomery Museum of well Arts boasts a collection of artwork dating earlier to the 18th century. Visitors can take in cultural sites favor the Hank Williams Museum, Montgomery Performing arts Center and also F. Scott and also Zelda Fitzgerald Museum. Both the Eastdale Mall and also The Shoppes in ~ Eastchase ~ above the city's east side are famous with shopping enthusiasts. Be sure to book cheap flights to Montgomery Dannelly FLD plane (MGM) come make much more room in your budget plan for shopping and also sightseeing.

Travel Tips for Montgomery regional Airport

Thunderstorms are common in the spring and also fall, i m sorry is why you might want to publication flights to Montgomery Dannelly FLD airport (MGM) in the winter or warmer months. Summer temperatures can quickly reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and while winter is mild, snow is possible.

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The Shakespeare Festival is the city's top annual event, but Montgomery likewise hosts the Nat King Cole society Jazz Festival in September and the Christmas lights Festival in December. Cajun and also Creole restaurants are common in the city, but some restaurants lug in fresh seafood indigenous the Gulf shore as well. Dinner for two can price $75 or much more at upscale restaurants, yet most family-friendly eateries charge $50 or less for 2 people.