A hilarious digital discussion around Queen Elizabeth's hair has actually erupted, and also they make part valid points.

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Her Majesty, 92, has actually been wearing she hair in the exact same structured style since the seventies.

Prince Philip apparently isn't a fan.

But the Queen, perhaps, never ever cared what anyone thinks of her hair and has proudly kept the structured style, the only readjust being colour thanks to the natural ageing process and slightly differing lengths.

Prince Philip supposedly isn't a fan. (Getty)

"The Queen stopped transforming her hairstyle in the 70's, i think," write a Mumsnet user. "I have actually long wondered about it, since hair was really really poor in the 70's. Walk she simply stop caring around what other world thought -- "F--k it, I'm the Queen" Or has it gained to perform with being recognisable? She on every the money, deserve to hardly have a pixie cut on the 5 cent piece and also a lengthy bob ~ above the 20c, have the right to she.

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"Princess ann has also been wearing the same hairstyle because that decades," she continues. "Is that's what's in store for Kate and Meghan? I'd go mad if i couldn't change my hairstyle every now and again. However I don't have dozens the news outlets waiting to unleash your criticism of it."


"A lot of of civilization don’t regularly adjust hair styles," points out one forum user. "My dad has had actually the exact same hair do for as lengthy as I have actually known him. So has my DH. And also my SIL and my DIL and BIL and so on etc. Ns only adjust mine since I am very lazy (I acquire it cut quick them don’t cut if for a year or two)."

"My grandma, who simply for the document is no the queen, go the same," claims another. "She has actually the same hairstyle currently she had actually in the 1950s. Why? Guess because she found a hairstyle she liked and also which looked an excellent on her. Looks similar to the monarchs by the way. Ns think a most old ladies like that style."

"My nan had actually the same perm for years, until she can no longer afford to preserve it," to write one Mumsnet user. "I never ever noticed a huge difference, funnily enough. My gran though, she readjusted hers indigenous the very same perm she had had since I was born, come a short simple pixie i m sorry she then preserved the very same until she left us. I don't think I'd recognise the queen if she adjusted her hair."

"It's most likely a wig," says one sceptical fan. "Lots that famous world wear wigs to save having actually to obtain their hair done all the time."

"I doubt a wig, she hairdresser has actually been through her for reportedly 20yrs together he's not a blabber mouth favor some imperial staff," claims one forum user, making an excellent point.

"It is clearly not a wig and also if girlfriend look at pictures has actually subtly changed," claims another. "Her hair is finer and also thinner now."

"I believed most civilization pretty lot stuck through a hairstyle they like that suitable them," says one more forum user. "I've basically had long blonde hair every my life personally from some memorable f-uck up attempts in ~ something different that didn't last."