Now in its 3rd season, rapper Romeo Miller has hosted MTV’s Ex top top the Beach due to the fact that its inception. He likewise gives advice come couples struggling to let walk of your exes; therefore, viewers wonder if the rapper himself has a leading lady. Does he have a girl friend or any type of kids? Keep analysis to uncover out!


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Is Romeo müller In a Relationship?

While the MTV organize does not at this time have a girlfriend, the has had actually several high profile relationships.

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Khloe Kardashian

Romeo müller reveals he dated Khloe Kardashian, says his dad grasp P kicked her the end of their home as that didn't grant of their connection (Video) / Nigerian Hive – News and also Gossip –

— Cyril Asede (

The rapper asserted he date the reality star as a high school senior in in march 2007. He said his parents did not give of their relationship, and his father, rapper master P, kicked her out of his house several times. Allegedly, the two dated for around a year before calling points quits.

Kaitlin Najjar

Miller referred to Najjar, the stepdaughter that Real Housewives the Atlanta star Kim Zolciak, as his “special somebody” on his Facebook. Resources say the 2 met at the university of southerly California whereby they both attend school. The pair dated for around seven month in 2010 and then parted ways.

Francia Raisa

New couple Alert! room Francia Raisa and also Romeo fearbut Hooking Up?!

— (

Miller date the actress in 2010 for practically two years. When they to be photographed number of times publicly together, they stayed quiet around their partnership until break up in 2012.

Chelsea Hightower

The 2 were partners in Dancing with the Stars Season 12. After ~ a perfect-ten waltz to “My Heart will certainly Go On” by Celine Dion, miller kissed his dancing coach ~ above the lips. Hightower admitted she called her partner he can go in because that the smooch, and also the rapper claimed he “was in character.” However, sources insurance claim the kiss cause a two-month fling between the dancing pair.

Angela Simmons

Romeo fearbut wasn't so happy once he discovered out around Angela Simmons' engagement ~ above the gram:

— E! News (

Miller and Rev Run’s daughter dated for around six month in 2012, and are at this time co-stars in VH1’s Growing up Hip Hop. after ~ the dad of Simmon’s daughter was tragically killed, fans thought the two would finally end up together again. However, the rapper said he wants to it is in respectful of the actress if she grieves. Simmons claimed she’s only concentrated on increasing her daughter, not pursuing a relationship.

Briona Mae

Although over there is not lot information about their relationship, müller allegedly date the Instagram model for 5 months in 2013.

Toneata Morgan

Romeo Miller and also Toneata Morgan the Cutest pair EVER!

— Gerard Osorio (

Miller date the pageant beauty, beauty in 2014 and also introduced her to the world on the fact television show, Growing up Hip Hop. Movie critics bashed their relationship due to the fact that she’s a white woman and felt she was after his money. After break up in beforehand 2016, Miller comment to the rumors by saying, “If ns love you because that you, ns love you because that you.”


The rapper first stepped out through the Empire actress as they went on a day to a renowned Los Angeles restaurant. Miller showed up on the FOX show as her new love interest, and the two started a short-lived romance in late 2016. ~ Serayah and Miller go not occupational out, the rapper has not had actually a publicly relationship due to the fact that then.

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Does Romeo Miller have actually kids?

The rapper is an uncle; however, the does no have any type of children.