You have the right to buy just around any daily product you might want in your local Walmart keep or on their website, consisting of groceries.

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So, if you favor to shop for your food in ~ Walmart, you most likely want come know exactly where Walmart’s meat come from. This is what I uncovered out.

Where go Walmart Meat Come from In 2021?

Until recently, many of Walmart’s meat came exclusively from meat processing plants run by such corporations together Tyson foodstuffs Inc and also Cargill Inc. However, in 2020, Walmart opened its very own facility for processing its Angus beef products, to enhance the quality of the meat. Every Walmart red meat is sourced from north America and also not China.

But what meat walk Walmart in reality stock, and is it an excellent quality? Keep analysis to learn more!

Is Walmart Meat From north America?

All Walmart meat (including chicken) is sourced from phibìc American animals, whether it has actually been processed and also distributed by a 3rd party or through Walmart itself.

For example, in Walmart’s very own processing plants, the firm works through high-class carriers to source beef from household farms and ranches in the United states specifically.

Both Tyson foods Inc and Cargill Inc operate in a similar way. Each corporation resources produces, and distributes its meat in north America.

However, both likewise export their North American meat internationally.

Is Walmart Red Meat Fresh?

Walmart promises that that meat will be fresh, supplying a 100% money-back satisfaction insurance if you nothing think the meat girlfriend buy indigenous them is fresh enough.

However, back in 2018, Walmart was consistently ranking low on the list of grocery store stores and also supermarket chains in terms of the fresh of its groceries, meat included.

In fact, out of 68 stores that were reviewed, Walmart ranked in ~ number 67. This could have to carry out with the chemicals that were provided to treat the meat at packing plants before it was placed out top top shelves.

Since then, Walmart has moved several of its meat-packing and distributing work in-house.

Its money-back satisfaction guarantee additionally suggests that the agency is making an initiative to recoup from such low rankings.

Is Walmart Meat great Quality?


Again, for part time, Walmart meat was considered by part to be near the bottom that the heap in terms of quality.

Now, though, Walmart guarantees that every one of its meat is inspected by the us Department of farming (USDA) and that each and also every steak is selected through the experts, which help to for sure its quality.

To really be sure of the top quality of the meat you are buying from Walmart, you can look out for the USDA an option and select labels.

Admittedly, these are only obtainable on Walmart’s beef products. But, since only one in five beef products qualifies for such a label, you have the right to feel an ext confident the you room purchasing high-quality meat.

What Meat walk Walmart Stock?

In addition to their Angus beef, which is currently processed and distributed by Walmart itself, Walmart’s physical stores and website are constantly stocked v chicken and pork products.

You can also expect to discover lamb and also venison both in-store and also online, and also meat-based dog food.

While these assets are handle by third-party corporations, they space displayed and also sold in Walmart packaging.

This sort of it is provided chain has actually been discovered to cause increases in price, which could explain why Walmart is relocating towards creating its very own end-to-end supply chains because that meat, beginning with beef.

Additionally, Walmart additionally sells a wide selection of Halal meats.

Does Walmart sell Seafood?

You can also shop because that seafood such together shellfish, frozen fish, and tinned fish at Walmart, both in-store and also online in ~ Some of the seafood products on sell at Walmart include:

Fish fillets, such as cod and salmonFrozen shrimpWhole tilapiaFresh snow crabTinned tuna

How often Is Meat Stocked at Walmart?

From mine research, I uncovered that Walmart share perishable groceries (including meat) ~ above a everyday basis. However, this have the right to differ for more rural Walmart areas and additionally delayed fulfilments indigenous the circulation centers.

To find out more, you can additionally see if Walmart still has a butcher and also deli and if Walmart tho sells live fish.

Additionally, if you choose to shop elsewhere, don’t forget to view our other related guide on wherein Costco meat and Costco chicken come from.


Walmart sources every one of its meat from phibìc America. In fact, the bulk of the meat the you buy in Walmart will certainly be from the unified States.

That remains the instance whether or no it has been processed, packaged, and also distributed by third parties such together Tyson foodstuffs Inc and also Cargill in ~ or by Walmart itself. However, the only meat assets that Walmart right now processes itself room beef.

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All Walmart meat comes v a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you deserve to rest assured that the meat you get will it is in fresh and of an excellent quality, or your money back.