I have ALOT of johnson & johnon infant lotions, shampoo's, oils, powders and soaps the were provided as presents at my baby shower.I noticed that just the baby oil and baby powder have expiry dates. The other gimpppa.orgmodities only screen a manufacturing day on the back, but no expiry.do these assets ever expire or have actually a "shelf life" expiration after ~ opening? (Like makeup)? No ramifications of this at every on the label. Obviously, FTM and super clueless!

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Hmmm that's an amazing question. Probably go on their website and see if you can find out. Permit us understand when friend do. Never ever thought of this. 

Hi ladies :) i dubbed J&J today and also i can gladly confirm that their products expire 3yrs indigenous manufacturing date (except for those that currently display one expiry day on the earlier like baby powder & baby oil). Phewwwww! I have A most J&J assets from my infant shower and also i'm glad it won't walk to waste! 

Just for this reason you know that their assets have a lot of nasty chemicals in them. My midwife advised me versus using them. Not sure of the details but have watched other posts on right here where others have actually said the same thing. It's as much as you but just believed you might want to know. Once my midwife told me i had already been offered heaps. Ns asked her what to perform with them and also she said placed them in the bin!
I would certainly be putting them in the bin one of two people way. gimpppa.orgplete of awful chemicals the worst brand on he industry for your bubba :( i walk a registry for my baby shower and made a suggest of speak no J&J products. But each to their own :)
There room lots of herbal ones out there. I usage moo yet maybe do some research, walk to chemist and also ask. However I yes, really would protect against JJ.
I agree J&J aren't what castle seem. My Bub is simply one of plenty of I recognize that had actually a poor reaction gimpppa.orge it. We offered baby Avon and as he gained older cure rash. Currently at 3 he uses goats milk soap. It's probably just a issue of recognize what her Bub agrees with as every Bub is different yet I would certainly steer clear of J&J
I love Gaia natural baby. It's organic, smells amazing and is reasonably priced.They offer these everywhere, even supermarkets. 
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