With every the an excellent prices at my local dollar store, it’s tempting to desire to throw everything in my cart. However I’m no there for whatever — I go into those doors and pop a 4 minutes 1 in a purchase cart because I’m on a mission to gather one very specific item.

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Today I’d prefer to reveal one of my secret joys the is the ultimate trifecta (cheap, versatile, and also utterly useful): dollar save parchment paper. Although i guess it’s not really a “secret,” because anyone who’s spoken to me around culinary points for an ext than 5 minutes has heard me espouse the delights the dollar keep parchment. In fact, I’ve apparently made this love so recognized on Instagram the the well folks at Kitchn actually discussed this obsession that mine, and also then asked me to write this piece. Honestly, ns don’t recognize that I’ve ever before been much more proud the my personal brand. Some world use their platform for social justice issues, and some people … well, here I am.


for reference, let’s begin with what’s bothersome around the brand-name supermarket version. Let’s confront it — even if you reuse the a pair of times like a virtuous eco-friendly person, every parchment file eventually end up in the trash (or recycling, or compost; the point is, it’s thrown away). Ns bake a lot and also blow through several parchment, and nothing stings quite prefer spending hard-earned money on miscellaneous disposable — brand-name rolls space super expensive, offered their swift demise. And also I’d quite spend the money on butter.

Second, these rolls always have impractical dimensions — at 15 inches vast on average, and the typical half-sheet pan measure 12×17 inches, trimming and excess garbage is a truth with these larger rolls. (I have seen slim box of brand-name parchment pre-cut come fit cookie sheets, and I have additionally seen the price tag and done the math, because I’m petty choose that — is there gold in these here papers?) Brand-name parchment is a prime instance of the fleecing the America. Don’t be a victim.


so onto the delightful perks of the dollar save variety. Yes, it’s cheaper in price — and also so wallet-friendly, you can buy a bunch in ~ once and stockpile it — we’ve handle that. Much more importantly, it’s sturdy v a pretty weight through no monster coating. (I’ve ordered rolls and also sheets from multiple places, even high-end sites ns won’t dead here, and am constantly disappointed at the thickness.) however what pleases me to no finish is the dollar save parchment is a 12-inch roll. V one flick the the wrist, this role becomes half sheet pan-sized. Or 4 minutes 1 sheet pan-sized. Or just wide enough for round cake pans, through the barest wisps of file to trim from your perimeters to heat the bottoms. Package itself has actually a advanced that’s efficient, yet not so sharp you could cut your thumb through it. What’s not to love?

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for this reason the next time you check out a dissension store, pull over, duck inside, and also look for some parchment. And while you’re at it, inspect out the heavy-duty aluminum foil, comfortable (thinner) silver paper sheets, and wax paper (old school, however has that is charm and an excellent for pack treats of all kinds). And if you check out me in the aisles and also we’re both can not to use our hands to say hello due to armfuls the parchment rolls, we have the right to just wink in ~ each various other for being in the know.

Shauna Sever


Shauna is the author of 3 cookbooks. She is a contributor because that The Splendid Table, and has been featured on numerous other TV and media outlets. She lives with her husband + two youngsters outside Chicago. She book, Midwest Made, will be published in fall 2019.