The sporting products industry is commonly low-paying because that its entry-level sleeve workers. This industry tends to hire younger workers that are full of energy, enthusiasm, and also motivation.

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The employee turnover ratio is reasonably high because that this type of work because young world tend to bounce from project to task until they find the type of business they are happy and also comfortable with. That course, there are other reasons having to perform with inexperience once it concerns young employees not remaining in one ar for also long.

Foot Locker beginning Pay 

The average starting pay for an entry-level worker in ~ Foot Locker is just above minimum wage, at about $8 come $9 an hour. The hourly price depends top top the state friend live in and also the area within your city and state.As an example, if someone takes a place as a full time entry-level stocker in ~ $8.50 an hour, the or she would earn around $340 a week and also then a yearly value of $17,680, based upon a 40-hour workweek.These are absolutely not high enough wages to be able to support one human in today’s world, much much less a family! However, the sporting goods retail business knows this and constantly spends lot time hiring new employees as others leave for much better jobs.

Foot Locker permanent Hours

As a permanent worker, you will normally gain 40 hrs of occupational every week. Aside from that, you may also be asked to work some overtime hours occasionally in stimulate to fill in because that an lacking employee. During the holidays, the store will normally be very busy and employees may find themselves working overtime shifts on a constant basis. The is throughout this time that numerous sales associates boost their pay due to the greater volume the sales commissions.

Foot Locker Part-time Pay

The part-time pay at this sleeve chain is the very same amount friend would acquire if you were working a permanent job. Therefore, you’ll begin out somewhere between $8 come $9 one hour.Part-time employees at Foot Locker space usually 16 or 17 years old. There have actually been countless occasions whereby a 16 or 17-year-old has worked a stocker position and also later progressed into management.

Foot Locker Part-time Hours

A part-time Foot Locker worker can expect to work an average of 20 to 30 hrs a main as lengthy as they room productive and dependable.During the holiday season, a part-time worker can actually occupational up to 40 hours and even selected to occupational some overtime hours, together well.

Foot Locker Sales combine Pay

The median sales associate at this sleeve chain earns roughly $11.25 an hour. The Foot Locker commission of 1% of all sales is figured right into this equation.So, because that example, a high-performing sales associate that sells $300 worth of merchandise in the store throughout a one-hour period is walking to knife 1% that that, or $3 extra on height of their base salary.Based top top a 40 hour work week, a worker in this position earns approximately $450 a week and a yearly salary of $23,400. A sales associate who performs at a high level can make up to $30,000 a year.

Stocker Pay

The mean pay because that a stocker in Foot Locker is approximately $9.10 one hour. This equals about $364 a week and also a yearly salary of $18,928.Some stockers assume the duty of a sales associate during their shift. This can help them make money in commissions, as well.

Foot Locker Sales command Pay

The sales lead position pays an average of $11.80 one hour. This is no much much more than what a sales associate earns yet the job offers you a chance to relocate up the ladder the success.On average, a sales command employee earns $472 a week and a yearly value of $24,544. Through a little overtime, the yearly figure can turn into $32,000 a year.

Foot Locker Assistant Manager Salary

The typical hourly price earned by one assistant manager in this sleeve chain is a an extremely low $13.75 one hour. This amounts to $550 a week and $28,600 in yearly salary.Something to think around is the truth that you can go to an additional sporting an excellent store through a pair of years of assistant manager experience and also make a salary the is near to three times as much.The assistant manager salary for an employee at Dick’s Sporting items is about $71,000 a year, on average.

Foot Locker Manager Salary

The median salary because that a manager in ~ Foot Locker is around $51,300 a year.This is about twice the quantity of salary an assistant manager would certainly earn at this retail chain. If you room an assistant manager and also you work hard and also prove yourself worthy, you deserve to easily discover yourself being promoted to a store manager making double as much. For more information on store task descriptions, you have the right to visit this link.

Does Foot Locker salary weekly?

Foot Locker pays its employee on a biweekly basis. The direct deposit to her account walk in ~ above Friday mornings after ~ the pay period ends the vault Thursday.

Do they offer raises?

Foot Locker gives employees a power evaluation as soon as a year and hands the end raises after that. A usual raise can be anywhere in between $.10-$.50 an hour.Some employee say lock have worked for 2 years without obtaining a raise. This can take place for a variety of reasons however the 2 most usual are the these employee haven’t performed up to expectations or lock haven’t interacted well with management.The easiest means to obtain a progressive in salary is come get advocated to a higher position. You can make this happen by being self-motivated, working hard, and also proving to monitoring that you are talented in ~ what girlfriend do.

Break Policy

The break policy is pretty liberal at many Foot Locker stores. Consult v your management because you may be able to take 2 paid 15-minute breaks during an 8-hour transition as well as a 30-minute to 1-hour unpaid lunch.This all depends on your administration team and also how they operation their store.

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Dress Code

Once you are hired, Foot Locker will worry you a uniform and also a surname tag. You room going come be required to undertake sneakers at every times if on duty.The uniform consists of black pants, a branded polo shirt, a name tag, a belt, and a good pair that sneakers.Tattoos and body piercings are ok at most Foot Locker locations. Tattoos shouldn’t depict any form of violence or be offensive to customers.Most stores execute not enable you come wear jeans and also booty shorts room prohibited, as well.

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