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Costco’s Price and Sale Dates

It’s a one day sale just at! Gloria Vanderbilt Ladies’ Amanda Jeans space on sale for $9.99 on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 2021 in ~ Costco stores room closed on that day. The save is $7 turn off Costco’s consistent price of $16.99. Item #1276864. While provides last. Size and color an option may vary.
Photo Credit: Costco

Gloria Vanderbilt blue jeans Features

Tapered legClassic 5 pocket layout designBelt loops can accommodate up to a 2″ beltSculpt stretchHigh increase | sit at organic waistCurvy v hip and also thighsFront YKK zip and also button closurePossible Colors: violet (Lilac Blossom), Gray (Opal Gray), Pink (Wispy Pink), Black, Dark Blue (Portland), eco-friendly (Hidden Moss), purple (Velvet Wine), black color Stencil (Multi)Sizes 4-18 and 16W-22W, Lengths: Average, Short, tall (all the these are subject to availability)

Care Instructions

Turn inside outWash prior to wearingMachine wash cold with prefer colorsOnly non-chlorine bleach once neededTumble dry lowWarm iron when needed

Special Note: because that dark to wash jeans

Due come the intense shade of the denim, the is encourage to to wash it separately prior to wearing. Please avoid call with light colored fabrics before washing together the shade may transfer. Visit to view what’s new and to inspect out deals from Costco.

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Other alternatives may be obtainable at for a yielded price. While gives last.