Bonding in carbon

different properties of carbon and its compositionMost carbon compounds room poor conductors of electrical energy these compounds have actually low melting and also boiling point, we deserve to conclude the the bonding in this compounds walk not provide rise to any ions.In the situation of carbon, it has four electrons in that is outermost shell and also needs to acquire or lose 4 electrons to obtain noble gas configuration.It could gain four electrons forming C4– anion.It is an overwhelming for nucleus to hold 10 electronsIt might lose four electrons developing C4+ cation.It call for a large lot of energy to remove 4 electronsDue to above two troubles Carbon re-publishing its valence electrons with other atoms the carbon or with atoms the other aspects to kind a bond.

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Bonding in methane (CH4) –Carbon is tetravalent (four valence electrons).In stimulate to achieve noble gas configuration, carbon shares these electrons with 4 atoms the hydrogen to type stable methane molecule.
formation the tetravalent bond in methane moleculeBonding in oxygen (O2) – oxygen atom has actually six electrons in valance shell and also it calls for two an ext electrons to finish its octet.So each atom that oxygen shares two electrons with another atom of oxygen to form molecular oxygen.
formation of dual bond between two oxygen atomsBONDING IN NITROGEN (N2) – each nitrogen atom has 5 electrons in its valence shell and it requires three much more electrons.So each atom that nitrogen shares 3 electrons with one more atom of nitrogen and form triple bond.

formation of triple bond in between two atom of nitrogenConclusion-

Bonds which are created by the sharing of an electron pair in between two atom are recognized as covalent bonds.

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Covalently external inspection molecules room strongest binding within the molecule, but inter-molecular forces are weak.Since the electrons room shared in between atoms and also no fee particles space formed, together covalent compound are usually poor conductors of electricity.