Hello all. I have actually been going end the short articles here and I have actually a question. Does my 2004 Tahoe LT have a cabin waiting filter? I see some world say the have actually them and most don"t. Exactly how do I find out if I have one and how perform I change it?

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This short article has to be updated through bulletin #PIT3330, dated December 22, 2004.Condition/Concern:A customer may inquire around the accessibility of the passenger compartment wait filter.Recommendation/Instructions:Starting in 2003 model year, the passenger compartment air filter is no longer easily accessible as a factory option. V the redesigned HVAC case, there is no much longer a cavity because that the filter. The GM parts brochure indicates over there is a instead of filter available; however, over there is no provision for it.

Hello all. I have been going end the articles here and I have actually a question. Does mine 2004 Tahoe LT have actually a cabin waiting filter? I view some civilization say the have them and most don"t. Just how do I find out if I have one and also how perform I readjust it?

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When GM stopped consisting of the cabin air filter, they just added a block-off plate in the mold. The latch allude and screw ceo for the door and every one of the other features for the filter space still there, friend just have actually to reduced out the plastic the was molded over the opening. At part point later on demand because that the filter led to GM and Dorman to both offer retrofit kits to include it back in. The kit has the door and also screw. Most people use a energy knife to cut out the blocked-off opening. It"s relatively easy to cut and there is a scored pattern to follow once cutting it. I did the retrofit to mine "05, if ns recall correctly it took me around 30 minutes.One tip, you need to drop the hush panel above the passenger footwell to accessibility it. There space three screws that host it in place, don"t remove the one behind the console, it"s a pain come get earlier in. Simply remove the two over your feet and also pull the panel down far enough to provide yourself room come work.The GM part number for the kit is 22759208 and the Dorman kit part number is 259-200. Dorman kits encompass a filter, through GM kits the filter need to be to buy separately. Both deserve to be purchase on Amazon.