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1983 D150 6cyl. Auto. Go anyone recognize where the neutral safety switch is? I just bought this truck critical week ,previous owner ,could not acquire it to begin with vital ,I replaced the starter relay ,no assist there ,before I change the ignition switch (that"s under the steering wheel because it"s non tilt) ns would prefer to jumper across the safety and security switch. Who has already replaced the vital switch & it appears to work-related fine ,I have already taken the steering obelisk apart the far.P.S. I deserve to turn the an essential switch top top & jump across the starter wires & van starts just fine.Thanks..
N.S move screw right into the chauffeurs side of the tranny. It has actually three wires going to it. The external wires space for reverse lights.The middle wire creates a ground when in neutral or park for the starter relay
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There is a cable you can unplug top top the driver"s side close to the firewall in the engine compartment the disables the neutral safety and security switch. I deserve to probably obtain a pic if girlfriend need.
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Have girlfriend tried beginning it in neutral yet? sometime the linkage obtain misadjusted and also it doesn"t go into Park properly. Maybe shot pushing up on the change lever will certainly you shot to start it.
pics. Would certainly be great ,I crawled under the van & the wires are gone ,there"s no plug for the nss ,there room a couple of wires hanging down however they have actually a differnt type of plug ~ above the end ,maybe there was a pigtail the these plugged right into for the nss ,not sure ,I tried looking increase a wiring diagram on the network without much luck. I did replace the starter relay v no happy ,tried moving shifter ,changing gears etc..

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