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my mini van had a slim fender bender and also now the won"t start. I"m no getting any kind of fuel to the injectors, my son tells me over there is a shut turn off button yet I cannot find the hands-on or the button. I have actually a 2004 Chrysler town & nation is over there a shut turn off that has to be reset manually and if for this reason where can I find it.
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Which fender? did it blow the waiting bags?The inertia switch (which I believe deploys the waiting bags) is listed below the middle of the dash top top the floor, behind the shortest center component that is commonly a CD warehouse bin. I would think if that were tripped, the would likewise shut turn off the fuel pump?The engine/transmission computer and also other crucial wiring are behind the front of the driver"s next fender, so if that acquired smashed hard enough it could have damaged necessary things.
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There"s a rollover shut turn off valve on some vehicles, however your vehicle didn"t roll over.A previous Thread around the exact same problem:
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