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Owner hand-operated - web page 18
...the vehicle and also lock all doors as soon as leaving the vehicle unattended. (Continued) If the auto Security Light
turns on ~ the pear check, that is a error in two seconds if someone offered to ...two seconds.The system will close up door the engine off after turning the ignition switch, the vehicle Security Light will an outcome in the engine being shut off in the electronics. In...
Owner manual - page 20
... Keys must accept any type of interference that might not reason harmful interference. In addition, the vehicle Security Light
will turn off. Insert the second valid vital into the ignition switch. In addition, the vehicle Security Light will sound. Turn the ignition move to the ON/RUN place within grammed. Her authorized dealer for three seconds...
Owner hands-on - page 21
... Will turn
signals lock the doors v the manual door lock plungers. This mirrors that the auto 15 minutes. When the car Security alarm is arming.THINGS TO recognize BEFORE beginning YOUR vehicle 19VEHICLE security ALARM - To arm The system 1. Then the exterior lights will rearm itself.2 security Alarm is armed, interior...
Owner hands-on - page 23
... The park and taillights flash three times, and also tesy lights
will continue to be on if the dimmer manage is turned come ON/RUN from ranges "Understanding The functions Of her Vehicle"...lights will certainly turn on once you push the unlock button on the method lighting in the This system enables you to ther information. Be blocked v a precious RKE transmitter to activate the system. The interior lights...
Owner hands-on - page 58
...(if equipped with front passenger BeltAlert௡) come fasten their seat belts. Confirm by blinking the chair Belt Reminder Light
and also sounding one intermittent chime. The attribute is active whenever the ignition is over 5 mph (8 km/h), through ... Challenges or problems resetting the once the sequence starts, it will turn on and also remain top top . 56 things TO recognize BEFORE beginning YOUR VEHICLE4.
Owner hand-operated - web page 67
... Additionally includes diagnostics that will certainly illuminate the instruSTART or ON/RUN position. Or continuously. Things TO know BEFORE beginning YOUR vehicle 65Also, the ORC turns
~ above the wait Bag Warning Light in the instrument dashboard for approximately four come eight secs for your defense in all colliORC detects a breakdown in position...
Owner hand-operated - web page 70
* have the enhanced Accident an answer System execute the following may occur:• Flash risk lights
as long as the air bags deploy and unfold. This go not mean something is ...If A Deployment wake up The progressed Front wait Bags are similar to the driver and also • Turn ~ above the interior lights, which deploys the wait bags, any blistering, watch your doctor readjusted from IGN top top to...
Owner hand-operated - web page 95
... Setup ...163 ▫ come Accelerate for Passing ...163 Ⅵ Garage Door Opener - knowledge THE attributes OF YOUR car 93▫ Lights
top top Reminder ...154 ▫ Instrument panel Dimmer ...154 ▫ Map/Reading/Interior Lights ...155 Ⅵ Windshield Wipers and also Washers ...156 ▫ Intermittent Wiper system ...157 ▫ Windshield Washers ...158 ▫ Mist Feature...
Owner hands-on - page 101
... Of your Vehicle" for additional information. Describe melt frost or ice. The lights
will certainly turn ~ above the rear window defroster.Illuminated Vanity mirrors - To use the mirror, rotate...1127; "Work" or "Dial" ѧ "248-555-1212"). Uconnect™ Phone enables you turn ~ above each sun visor. This function is a voice-activated, hands-free, invehicle interactions system. Knowledge THE FEATURES...
Owner hands-on - web page 152
..., headlights, headlight beam selection, happen light
, fog lights, instrument dashboard light dimming and also turn signals. Turn to the first detent Multifunction lever for The multifunction lever ...Headlight move Multifunction lever 150 knowledge THE features OF your VEHICLELIGHTSHeadlights and also Parking Lights Turn the end of the multifunction bar to the second detent for parking...
Owner hands-on - page 156
Instrument panel Dimmer rotate the center section of the lever upward to completely dim the instrument dashboard lights
and prevent the interior lights native illuminating as soon as a door is in any position except PARK. Is turned OFF, a chime will sound come alert the driver turn the center portion of the lever to the excessive bottom position...
Owner manual - page 157
... Before leaving the vehicle. Every light
deserve to be turned on by pushing the barrel. Expertise THE features OF YOUR vehicle 155will no turn the light turn off automatically. Interior lighting additionally comes on until the move is turned fully upward, previous the second detent.3Dimmer ControlMap/Reading/Interior Lights this lights are mounted between the sunlight visors above the...
Owner hand-operated - page 158
... Due to the fact that a door is situated on the To protect the battery, the interior
lights will take place if the interior lights to be switched top top manually or room operated through a switch headliner. This will certainly turn the ignition switch ON or bike the light switch.To reclaim interior light operation, one of two people turn off ideal side of the steering column. The bar is open.
Owner hands-on - page 164
... Will certainly illuminate. Always leave the system OFF when you want. To collection A wanted Speed Turn
the digital Speed regulate ON. Leaving the digital Speed regulate system top top level ground prior to pressing...turn the device off .If this occurs, the electronic Speed regulate System can be turned off as soon as not in usage . Come turn off , press the ON/OFF button a 2nd time. The Cruise Indicator Light...
Owner manual - web page 199
... Your local the driver"s seat belt is unbuckled, a chime will4 knowledge YOUR INSTRUMENT dashboard 197If jump starting , stays on, or turns
~ above briefly together a further information. Seat Belt Reminder Light such as possible. ~ the bulb examine or as soon as driving, if the driver seat belt stays unbuckled, the chair Belt Warning...
Owner hand-operated - web page 200
... Engine coolant temperatures rise and the Vehicle" for further information. If the temperature reading does not go back to "Occupant 10. Normal, turn
it turn off immediately and call for The light does not display the amount of an overheated engine condition. More overheating will reason the temperalight will certainly sound ~ the engine is...
Owner hand-operated - page 502
... Dashboard Lens cleaning ...451 incorporated Power Module (Fuses) ...453 Interior
Appearance treatment ...450 Interior Lights ...155 Intermittent Wipers (Delay Wipers) ...157 arrival ...4 Jack.......................................17 17 16 21 21 12 58Lane readjust and Turn signals ...204,461 Lane readjust Assist ...152 Lap/Shoulder Belts ...44 LATCH (Lower Anchors and also Tether because that CHildren) ...79 ...
User overview - page 20
... Too much bottom place to totally dim the instrument panel lights
and also prevent the interior lights from illuminating once a door is opened. • turn the center part of the lever up or under once and the turn signal (right or left) will continue to be on the parking lights or short beam headlights and also pull out the end...
User guide - page 99
...Splash security • car Cover• approximately Light
Kit • Roadside safety Kit • Molded Cargo Tray• Katzkin animal leather Interiors• Uconnect™ net (WiFi) • a registered trademark of the countless Authentic Dodge accessories by Mopar featuring a fit, finish, and functionality particularly for her Dodge Avenger. • In choosing Authentic equipment you gain...

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User guide - web page 103
* I use ? pg. 36, 45 • how do i pair my cell phone via Bluetooth® with my Dodge
Avenger? pg. 76MAINTAINING your VEHICLE• whereby is blinking? pg. 53 • just how do I usage my iPod...• What carry out I readjust a level tire? pg. 88 • What need to I perform if mine TPMS warning light is mine Fuse Block located? pg. 52 • exactly how do I set at? pg. 27, 30, 33, 42...



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