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Nipple piercing and Mammogram (MRI, x-rays, pain, implants)
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Does anybody recognize if nipple piercings influence mammos? I have one following week. Ns am wondering if i should call ahead and as


it can hurt more....can you take the ring the end for the exam??? ns think you might have to....but ns dunno If its an xray it"ll just show up top top the film and also inhibit the part of the booby the is clogged by the black mark which will display up ~ above the film........ But mri or ct friend may need to remove it.... An excellent luck
If you have actually a high quality item of jewelry, it will be non-ferromagnetic, definition on MRIs and also CT Scans it will not warm up or disrupt the magnetism. It will, however, show up. Ns am not certain what they usage for mammograms, unless it is a very large piece of jewel that will interfere v interpretation of outcomes there need to be no reason to eliminate it.However, many doctors/nurses are not well educated about body piercings, and also may ask friend to take it out. If so, you may want to take it out and also bring a plastic retainer to put in that place.
Personally together a masculine cannot check out a mrs piercing the nipple as a turn on.Had a girlfriend that would cut a small hole in she bra for this reason the nipple would certainly stand out versus her blouse...making a slim arousal and obvious to it"s visibility.Of course the was plenty of decades ago...not sure about todays females.Steve
You"ll most likely need come ask them. I had actually to remove all my piercings for an MRI however not because that CAT scans or x-rays.
I had to eliminate my necklace with my mammo for this reason I would certainly think you would certainly probably have to take her nipple ring out. Also if that won"t interefere through the mammo I would think v all the smushing they do it would certainly make the hurt worse.
In order come answer this question accurately, i would need to see the influenced area. If you"d please write-up a picture, us can offer a far better answer.

I had to eliminate my necklace through my mammo for this reason I would think you would certainly probably have to take her nipple ring out. Also if the won"t interefere with the mammo I would think with all the smushing they do it would make the hurt worse.
Usually piercing jewel (unless it"s really cheapo) is a various metal than common jewelry so it won"t interfere. As much as the pain of having actually jewelry in, I"ve never had actually a mammo but they make soft plastic/rubber retainers that will squish a little so it shouldn"t hurt so much and also it will stop the hole from closing.
Usually piercing jewelry (unless it"s yes, really cheapo) is a various metal than typical jewelry so the won"t interfere. As far as the pains of having actually jewelry in, I"ve never had actually a mammo but they make soft plastic/rubber retainers that will squish a tiny so that shouldn"t hurt therefore much and also it will prevent the hole from closing.
I don"t have my nipple pierced yet if the OP bring away the ring the end right before she go in to gain her mammo and also then as soon as she comes the end puts it ago in would there it is in a problem? certain in the 20 come 30 minutes that a mammo bring away the feet wouldn"t close. Till you have had actually a mammo girlfriend don"t understand, while the is not overwhelming painful they do take something that is usually round and perky and make it flat in every directions. Simply thinking if that is a possiblity that would more than likely be much less painful if the OP takes it out for that brief time.

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You can"t wear any metal when having a mammogram - friend can"t wear metal when you"re obtaining an X-ray and also a mammogram is a breast X-ray.I don"t have actually a piercing but I had my very first mammogram 2 weeks back and they were really thorough around implants and piercings etc.When lock crush (and I typical A difficult PRESS CRUSH!) her breast between the vice because that imaging, girlfriend won"t want ANYTHING piercing any part of you think me!Mine to be sore because that 3 days after that procedure, why complicated it with metal?Just ask your technician as soon as you obtain there.
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