When i send a text post from my contact it brings up one error alert saying I need to use a 10 digit number, also though every my numbers in mine contacts have the area password in front it still brings it up. And if im in a conversation with someone every time ns reply it no send because for some factor it no remember the 10 number number. Anyone understand what ns doing not correct or if its on gimpppa.org"s end?
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Where space you texting from and to? If you room in the US and texting to a different area code, girlfriend may have to put a 1 in front. Here, in Europe, I have actually a + in prior of every the area codes, and also need it to message messages exterior Slovakia.

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I"m gaining the very same text earlier saying to enter the 10 digit number also though the is already. It is a local number. Anyone have any kind of ideas come whats leading to this.
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You carry out not must put in a 1 in former of the area code, that would make the an 11 digit. It is come a coworker that lives about 25 minutes from me. And its not only with him, its v others together well.
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I had this problem one, wherein I only gone into the number v no area code and that it failed to send. I realized that ns did not have the area password on the contact. Well I added the area code to the contact and sent the same message and also still failed. I additionally checked the SMS side and also still was sent out to the same contact as before. So i deleted the SMS and resent it. And also it worked for me. for this reason make certain on SMS girlfriend delete the sender an initial because the is still reasoning it has actually the old contact, and resend it.
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Its one old call yes but the number never changed. As soon as you placed in the 10 number number it brings up the persons surname if they space in your address book. The only method that I have been may be to protect against it is if i manually form the number in each time ns send a message or go to the call in the attend to book and also hit message message. There needs to be some method that we are absent that allows the call to save the finish 10 number number conserved in the sms memory.
I have actually ONE contact that i am no able to just hit "reply" after receiving a text from him and also when I execute it bring up part error post saying its not a an excellent 10 digit number when the 10 number number is in mine contacts. He is ~ above a acceleration phone is more than likely why its law that however Im not sure and its ******* me off that I have actually to type in his 10 number number EVERY TIME i send that a text. Anyone know just how to deal with this?
I also am having the same exact problem, and since att and also gimpppa.orgs help lines room not open, there appears to it is in no resolve for a straightforward feature that phones that cost $50 have actually no problem doing.

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i tried the w/ no luck. Now it"s also starting to disapprove email come 1 of the 2 contact it doesn"t prefer as "invalid address" when it"s not. Both local numbers, both iphone phone users.