Easter in Japan is no at all renowned as in other countries, many human being have no idea that its existence. This is due to the fact that the variety of Christians in Japan is less than 5%. In this article, we will talk a small about this holiday in Japan.

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Ironically, Christmas, even though it is a Christian holiday, is widely talked about and celebrated in Japan, even if in a various way. So why is it no so with Easter in Japan? Why is it not so popular?

Japanese Easter is dubbed fukkatsusai <復活祭> wherein fukkatsu means resurrection and also leaves method festival. The holiday can likewise be called iisutaa <イースター> obtained from the English easter.


This vacation did no go an extremely well since the Japanese do not usually exchange gifts on holidays. They currently exchange sufficient gifts once they visit or together a say thanks to you, also at Japanese Christmas, it is not common to exchange gifts.

The only date that popularized the exchange of presents was the Valentine's day it's the White Day. This is among the main reasons why us can't find nearly any Easter product on revenue like various other holidays that conquer Japan.

Valentine's job in Japan currently involves the exchange that chocolates and take place in February and also March. What about another holiday entailing chocolates? no to cite that in ~ the start of April over there is another event referred to as Hanami.

Easter expansion in Japan

The interest has increased every year, part stores room making products and sweets v an Easter theme and are achieve results. Many of the time these stores have an international relationship, or are huge brands.

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Disney is one of those that has actually helped Easter to spread in Japan with its special events, various other events additionally happen like the Uki Uki Easter in Sengawa in Chofu - Tokyo.

Easter is basically a day to commemorate the resurrection the Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, however, that date ended up being something commercial and full the non-biblical traditions. I myself discover the connection of the holiday with rabbit and chocolates absurd.

Each country has the own way of celebrating, some nations don't even eat Easter eggs, yet other dishes. Likewise, I think that christians in Japan have their own method of celebrating without being influenced by commercial marketing.

Japanese Vocabulary about EASTER

復活祭 –Fukkatsu-sai - Easterイースター・Iisutaa - Easterハッピー イースター – Happii Iisutaa - Happy Easterイエス キリスト – Iesu Kirisuto- Jesus Christチョコレート – Chokoreeto - Chocolateうさぎ – Usagi - Bunny卵 – Tamago - Egg