So, now that it"s over, i challenge anybody come say that the old one was far better with a much better ending!(I"m gonna share part spoilers here, so anyone who haven"t seen one of the endings and don"t desire to be spoiled, don"t read additional
)Sorry because that the long texts :P I gained a bit lugged away.First off, the original one: Alphonse it s okay his armor transmuted right into a Philosophers rock by Scar, who is still a villian.They gain to Central, wherein they uncover a house below the ground. There they accomplish with their father and some lady, and learnthat they have actually been using philosophers Stones to expand their stays for several hundred years. A hit ensues, and - if Idon"t remember dorn - Edward dies. After ~ the fight, Alphonse thansmutes the rock within him and himself come revive hisbrother. Edward gets revived and realizes what Al did. That transmutes self to recovery Al again, sacrifice his whole body,ending increase on the other side the the "Gate that Truth." over there he finds his father, and also a world similar to ours. Back on the otherside, Al gets restored with his body and all, however no memories native after he lost his body.All this is adhered to later by a movie that ends through them being reunited.Now, Botherhood: the starts out somewhat comparable to the old one, but soon strays away from it. The Führer is tho aHomunculus, however doesn"t gain killed by Mustang. (In fact, in this one, i think that he would certainly kill Mustang with ease :P ) Greed is not such a tiny character this time. He starts out as his old self, but gets cooking in lava. He climate gets insertedinto a prince of the country Xing who is trying to find immortality in Amestris. All the way through, it"s unsure whether or nothe"s a friend or foe. The prince, Lin Yao, keeps fighting with Greed for control over his body, but in the finish cooperate v him andshare his body. (I think i"m acquiring a little bit too excited here, for this reason i"ll simply skip come the ending. I suppose those who check out thisknow what i"m talking around :P )Anyways, central HQ is taken over by the Briggs soliders and the Führer is claimed dead ina train accident. Suddenly, the Führer appears and also starts slaughtering the Briggs people. Among Lin"s bodyguards, Fu, takesup the fight, yet die together with Captain Buccaneer. As soon as the Führer tries come escape, they manage to hurt him. At the same time below,Al, Ed, Mustang and several much more are trying to uncover the location where dad is. Lock run right into a Mad doctor who was the one whoraised and chose Bradley together the Führer. After part time fighting with his underlings - guys who didn"t qualify for the positionof Führer - the performs a transmution. Al and Ed get"s sucked right into some eyes, and also get teleported to Father"s place. Izumi CurtisAlso it s okay teleported in ~ the exact same time, in other places in Central. Hohenheim is already there, and also have been captured by Father.The persons that are there are rreferred to as person Sacrifices, yet they are missing one. So Selim pressures Mustang to execute ahuman transmution, threatening to death Hawkeye. Mustang is displayed the Truth and get"s his eye taken as a toll prior to gettingteleported come Father.At the optimal of one eclipse, dad performs a transmution with a one dug out underneath Amestris, taking all the souls the thepeople in the country to devour God. Ell of the human being in Amestris obtain their souls sucked out and also Father devours god. Withthe souls of all the human being in Amestris, he is able to save God under his control. Hohenheim, yet knew this would certainly happen,and have scattered pieces of the Philosopher"s rock he"s gained inside the him at strategic locations in Amestris, forming a transmution circle. This transmution returns all the souls to the human being in Amestris, and also they begin to fight versus Father.In the end, after dad is therefore weak that he can"t control God, he escapes to produce some more Philosopher"s Stones.After part fighting, Ed get"s thrown ago to a piece of concrete and get"s his left arm pierced by some rebar His ideal automail arm has actually been damaged by Father earlier in the fight.Al, who is in a crucial state - his blood seal is around to crack - performs a far transmution using Mei"sAlkhaestry (or something) and transmutes Ed"s best arm (the actual one) back using himself as a toll.Ed, after see Al transmute himself, walk on a rampage and eventually death Father. Afterwards, he find a wayto keep his arm and get Al ago by giving his ability to execute Alchemy as a toll fee to take it Al - v his human body -back come the world.Later, we view that Dr. Marcoh has one last Philosopher"s Stone, and also offers to give Mustang his sight back.Mustang accspts, however wants that to cure Havoc very first who got paralyzed indigenous the waist down earlier in the series.Hohenheim die - after using the critical of his stone - in former of his wife"s grave.Two years go by, and the Elric brothers decision to go on a pilgrimage to learn about other develops of Alchemy.Al, who was healed completely after obtaining his body back, goes to the east towards Xing v twochimeras. Ed is going come the west, but before he walk on the train he - in his own, an extremely special way -proposes to Winry. Mustang hasn"t taken the seat as Führer, but left it to his old friend. (sorry :/ Can"t mental his name) He has actually however, helped to rebuild the country of Ishval with the assist of Milesand Scar. Selim, who got decreased to virtually nothing in the fight with father is being increased by Madam Bradley.When the finishing song comes, we watch some pictures:Pinako in former of Trisha"s grave. And also next come it, she has buried Hohenheim.Armstrong and some other people. Most likely in Xing.Scar and Miles (Probably see to the rebuilding of their holy land)Two dogs with puppies :PLin Yao together Emperor that Xing v Lan pan in hiding behind his throne.Two the the Chimeras v what"s-his-name-again.Hawkeye and also Mustang with a mustache and also a quite hat. Probably after he came to be Führer.Izumi and her husband.One male from Mustang"s team.

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(the male with glasses on interactions all the time -.-)Two more from Mustang"s team, this time v a woman.Another one indigenous Mustang"s team up in the North. Ed and also Winry holding a boy and also a infant girl, plus Al, Mei and two people from Rush valley in the background.Last: Ed boarding a train.So, now that i"m perfect writing, I desire to questioning you, how do friend feel around FMA VS FMA:B?Please, perform share her thoughts.PS: yes i recognize -.- 10 time longer about Brotherhood 보다 the initial one :P