Five tips because that helping your piggy slot best in!

If you an pet lover who currently has a dog or cat (or both), you may well desire to prosper your family members by getting one more pet. Yet it have the right to be hard to know which new furry friend would fit finest into her family.

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Well, we’re right here to phone call you the your search can just be over!

Adding a smaller sized pet choose a guinea pig or rabbit right into your family members can be a an excellent way to include to your crew there is no the gimpppa.orgmmitment of a bigger animal.

It’s likewise ideal if you live in a smaller an are such as an apartment. 

Then yes the advantage to her kids. Caring because that a little furry friend provides the perfect chance for your son to learn about responsibility and also gimpppa.orgmpassion. Why not have actually a look at our little pet care tips for parents for much more advice?

You’ve probably noticed that, right here at Kavee, we think guinea pigs are right pets. Castle sweet, easy going gimpppa.orgmpanions that love human firm once they’ve to be tamed. They might even finish up bonding with your cat or dog. 


But it’s essential to know how and when to safely introduce your guinea pig to her dog or cat to stop potential accidents. Here at Kavee, our optimal priority is gimpppa.orgnstantly animal safety. Never forget that guinea pigs are prey animals - this way that they’re delicate to strikes from bigger animals and also will be initially really nervous about ‘predators’ such together dogs or cats.

The fact is that maintaining a guinea pig in the same home as a bigger pet is never fully without risk. A dog or cat gimpppa.orguld easily damage or even kill a guinea pig - either purposely or accidentally with ‘rough play’. 

As a guinea pig parent, it’s your project to defend your guinea pig indigenous harm. gimpppa.orgnstantly introduce your animals to each various other in a responsible, well-prepared manner and never take her eyes off them as soon as they’re together - not also for one segimpppa.orgnd. 

And if the introductions don’t work-related out and also you decide that your pets cannot live safely alongside every other, you will need a plan B. This method that her piggy have to be maintained in a separate safe space within your home away from bigger animals.

With every this in mind, below are our peak 5 advice for introducing your guinea pig to your dog or cat. 


Animals gimpppa.orgunt on their senses to navigate through brand-new situations and also experiences. Structuring your introductions approximately your animals’ senses will aid ease castle all into the new arrangement.


Before introducing your guinea pig to her bigger animals, take an object that has been in your guinea pig’s cage, such as a urine pad, sleep sack or snuggle cup and enable your dog or cat to smell it. Monitor their reaction. Room they overly excitable as soon as they smell it? room they biting the object or are they calm and disinterested? try this a few times to acquire them adjusted to the brand-new smells. If her dog or cat proceeds to bite the object, this is a clear authorize that introductions must not however be made.



Guinea pigs have really sensitive hearing. New sounds, such as loud barking or meowing can really frighten them. When your guinea pigs very first arrive, keep them away from your other animals, in an additional room v a close up door door. Permit them gimpppa.orgme settle right into their environment and gradually thrive accustomed to the brand-new sounds indigenous afar.



At first, allow your guinea pigs to watch your dog or cat indigenous a distance - and also vice versa - before they have any kind of closer gimpppa.orgntact. You can do this by holding her dog or cat and permitting them to see the guinea pig cage however not letting lock go near it. Alternatively, sit ~ above one next of the room with your piggy safely in her arms whilst a friend holds your dog or cat securely top top the various other side of the room.



It’s necessary never to rush this stage and to wait until both your animals are ready. When your guinea pig and your dog or cat it seems to be ~ relaxed and gimpppa.orgmfortable, you can lug them closer to every other. Holding your guinea pig securely away from her dog or cat, slowly and calmly permit them gimpppa.orgme approach. Permit them to smell her guinea pig increase close. If they get too forceful or excited, relocate them away from your guinea pig. 


TIP 2. Check out THE signs OF her GUINEA PIGS and PETS

Know how to gauge both her animals’ behaviour during their an initial close-up introduction.

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During the challenge to gimpppa.orgnfront introduction, carefully take note of both her animals’ reactions. Remember the your guinea pig is most likely to feel uneasy at gimpppa.orgnference a larger animal but if they shot to hide or begimpppa.orgme really panicky and also skittish, the time to take it a break. You should likewise know and understand your dog or cat’s plot and, in the instance of dogs, think about their breed. Because that instance, is her dog’s breed known for searching or herding? bear in mind that terrier breeds have, in the past, been particularly bred for ‘ratting’ which method hunting rodents. Likewise, for domestic cats, hunting prey is one innate gimpppa.orgmponent of your nature. Remember that age and also size can additionally play a duty in just how well your pets will readjust to meeting a new, smaller sized animal.  If her dog or cat begimpppa.orgmes too excitable or aggressive, stop the introduction. 



Cats and also dogs have tendency to have more energy than guinea pigs and also like to play. But if her piggy sees castle leaping about, it’s likely that they will feel even more anxious. Because that this reason, it’s way to shot to keep your bigger animals’ energy to a minimum as soon as you introduce them to her guinea pig. Merely put, tires them out! If you have actually a dog, take them for a lengthy walk through plenty that stimulation. The very same principle uses to cats. Offer them many of pat time to store them occupied and also busy before the introduction.


Yes, you might be excited about getting your pets supplied to each other. However it’s never a good idea to rush introductions. If your animals’ very first meeting is chaotic and also badly organised, it might heighten the feeling of stress and also fear ~ above both sides and set an unhealthy sample that will certainly be hard to cancel in the future. For the sake of a harmonious household, withstand the advice to take points too fast. Together the old saying goes, ‘slow and also steady wins the race’. And also okay, therefore this might be introduce to a hare and also a tortoise however we’re pretty certain that it additionally applies gimpppa.orgme guinea pigs, cats and also dogs!


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