Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Giveaways the Ed & Winry would Be A couple While the stakes are incredibly high, there room still hints of Ed and also Winry"s blossoming romantic throughout your prior interactions.

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Giveaways that Ed & Winry would Be A Couple
once done well, romance can be among the best and most intricately written components of any type of series, also whenever that isn"t among a series" main focuses. This happens to be the instance with Fullmetal Alchemist, which particularly seems devoid of numerous romantic pairings beforehand on, but things change later as fans flourish to know the actors better, and also meet new characters.

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The best part about romantic interactions within the series is the typically, the payoff is well-timed and also rewarding. The romance is also written organically, as also someone prefer Ed who originally seems like he"d never ever think around romance proposes to Winry in a means that fits his personality so well the it"s genuinely heart-warming also on rewatches. And while the stakes are exceptionally high and also they don"t gain to invest their every moment together —even after they do their feeling known— there room still ideas of your blossoming romance throughout their prior interactions.

winry laugh from fmabrotherhood
It"s phenomenal sufficient that Winry was able to carry out a rush-order full repair ~ above Ed"s eight in simply three days, not acquiring a wink that sleep the entire time. It"s even an ext astounding the she still manages to get herself approximately see Edward turn off after Pinako tells him the she shouldn"t be woken and should focus on getting sleep.

When she shows up on the patio to say goodbye, she"s exceptionally disheveled and also still half-asleep, a next to her the no one else had actually really seen. What makes this minute seem specifically cute for EdWin pan is that although both Ed and Al were leaving, in she half-asleep stupor, she specifically calls the end to great Edward for sure travels.

injured ed looking under fullmetal alchemist
In almost every hit he"s in, the second anything happens to his automail, it"s no the danger it put Ed self in the he focuses on, yet the reality that Winry"s going to death him. A an extremely clear exception to this is at any time he"s in a situation where Al"s safety is likewise potentially compromised, however this makes sense given the link they share as brothers.

Although that can not specifically sound choose love, the worst Winry ever before does is yell at him for being reckless and potentially wrench-smack him. Her problem for his well-being and gratitude that he came earlier alive again —no matter how plenty of pieces his parts might be in— constantly shine through.

winry and also ed fighting fma
The childhood-friends-to-lovers trope has constantly been popular, and this doesn"t apply only come anime. As soon as it"s created well, the unbreakable bond that the two personalities share is genuinely felt, and also they"re generally blunter and much more "real" through each other since they know practically everything around them.

Winry and Edward room a perfect instance of this trope done right, and it never feels together if the present is disrespecting or extending their individualities to force them together. Although most of Winry"s actions are motivated by Edward, that fits in v her empathetic and also driven nature, and her caring side compliments Ed"s casual ignore for his own safety.

7 other Members of The cast Can clearly See Edward"s Love for Winry, specifically Al & Riza

riza speak edward loves winry fullmetal alchemist
It renders sense that Alphonse is maybe to watch his brother"s true emotions and also understand his feelings for Riza. Not just are the two of castle always along with an unspoken bond the the series showcases often, however Al is incredibly emotionally intuitive.

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However, even personalities like Riza who initially come off as somewhat cold can see Edward"s love because that Winry, even prior to he accepts it himself. His conversation through her pops right into his psychic the following time he"s through Winry, and he it s okay so flustered that he flies about his hospital room in one embarrassed fit.

The bicycle of revenge is a needless cycle complete of hatred, violence, and bloodshed that doesn"t advantage anyone in the lengthy run. Scar"s entire character beforehand is committed to stating this theme, and also it"s him the Winry virtually shoots, to obtain revenge top top the man who took her parents from her.

Edward stops she from doing so in an extremely tender moment, wherein he embraces her and also slowly removes each of her fingers native the gun. While doing this, he gently offers her one of the most beautiful speeches in the collection and gives her his coat. She reaches the end to him as he leaves and cries out for him no to leave, and also it"s hard not come feel exactly how much they care for one another in this scene.

5 Winry Notices as soon as Edward"s feeling Down & actively Tries come Cheer the Up, starting In The First couple of Episodes

soon after the incident with Nina Tucker, Edward"s convinced by Winry to make a pit-stop before his next adventure come take she to rush Valley, the "holy soil of automail" in she words. The typically-stubborn Edward permit her traction him around and also buy every little thing she want without question, with fairly apathetic responses.

This is something the Winry took notice of, and she do the efforts to it is in gentler through Ed to provide him space with his emotions. Of food —in typical Elric fashion— he doesn"t talk about the true source of everything with her, but he could"ve assumed it to be unfair to dump something that heavy on her and then leave.

Edward and Alphonse had actually an argument over which one of them would end up marrying Winry. Apparently, Alphonse to be the one who won your fight, however there"s a hint the Edward and her would end up with each other in his reaction.

Alphonse tells his brother the Winry actually shot the down, and also Edward"s immediate solution of relief mirrors a couple of of his true feelings. It"s short-lived as Winry tells him she shot castle both down for being shorter than her, but he eventually grew right into the role.

3 Edward Doesn"t hold Winry Back, also If It"s perhaps Dangerous, reflecting The trust They Share

Winry"s arc v Scar is among the most emotionally volatile in the entire series. Edward stops points from taking a darker turn when Winry had accessibility to a gun, but when they satisfy again and also Winry make the efforts to method Scar, he tries to host her earlier at first.

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She only has to ask one heartfelt time for her to listen, and also it"s clear just how pained and conflicted his expression is when he lets go of she shoulder and allows her to approach Scar. It was hard for him come let her go due to the fact that of just how attached the was, specifically given just how dangerous his late of Scar still to be at the time, but still allows Winry do what she feels she must.

2 Edward"s Vision the "Truth" within The Portal readjusted From His mommy To Winry, reflecting His change In Values

The 2 times the Ed in reality goes v the Portal of Truth, the vision the he sees reaching out come him in ~ the end is the of his mother. Although the knows the reviving she through human being transmutation is impossible, it mirrors that he"s still hung increase on it, and also hasn"t however grown previous this traumatic allude in his life.

In the fifth opening that the manga-faithful series, the vision of fact is instead shown as Winry. This mirrors Ed"s transition in values, realizing that alchemy can"t solve every one of his problems and that the relationship he"d developed are the most important to him —especially his bond with her.

1 Winry Straight-Up Admits the end Loud the She fell Romantically because that Ed — He simply Doesn"t hear Her

it isn"t regularly that romantic understand in reflects straight-up confess your feelings come the protagonists casually. Ed claims something that reasons Winry to remark the she "can"t believe she fell for together a moron," but he doesn"t fairly hear her and also she denies speak anything as soon as asked about it.

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This is maybe the solidifying moment in countless fans" minds once they realized that Winry"s feelings because that him to be true. After ~ that, it was only a matter of waiting until Ed can accept his own feelings, and the two might live happily ever before after.