# You space going to have to open up your vending device door. Inthere you room going to find the manage panel. On that controlpanel over there is walking to be a small button. Press that button

# currently return to the prior of her vending machine. On thedisplay friend will discover that it claims "HD".

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# in ~ this suggest we space going to push the optimal 2 choice buttontogether. This will adjust the menu display on the brought about "RD" andif you press them again it will display screen "SP" for collection Price.

# This is the food selection option the we space going to usage to collection theprices ~ above the machine.

# press the an option that you desire to change by pressing andholding the button and also you will see a price ~ above the display and itwill increase. Stop once you gain to the price the you want.

# Repeat action 5 for any kind of other an option that friend want.

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# nearby the vending an equipment door and also you space all set.

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