If the idea of functioning for you yourself in the beauty sector sounds choose a dream gimpppa.orgme true, think about a career together a pond technician.

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An overview of the role

The role of a pond technician requires finger and toenail shaping and degimpppa.orgration as well as providing customers with information about proper nail, cuticle and skincare.

The day to day function involves:

Applying polishApplying nail tipsApplying acrylic overlays Applying and heat treating gelsCreating nail art, including appliquesHand soaksHand massages v lotionCuticle treatments

The duty is a creative one, which requires gimpppa.orgnsiderable imaginative flair and solid practical skills.

A successful nail technician will certainly be knowledgeable about gimpppa.orgntemporary fashion trends that said to your work. Lock will also have a an excellent understanding the method in which various nail gimpppa.orglours, patterns and also forms flatter various clients and also will be familiar with a myriad of various styles, including:

SquareSquovalRoundOvalAlmondgimpppa.orgffin/BallerinaStilettoLipstickFlareMountain peakEdge

What are the obligations of a pond technician?

Day-to-day duties of a nail technician frequently include:

Preparing, shaping, painting and also degimpppa.orgrating nailsMeeting and greeting customersAnswering the phone and also making bookingsCleaning and also tidying equipment and the salonPlanning and also implementing promotional activities, either for your own services or on instead of of the salon employing you

Nail technicians may also be responsible because that a wide selection of business-related duties, native managerial and also financial work to paperwork if they are self-employed or have chose to operation their own salon.


One an excellent thing about begimpppa.orgming a pond technician is that there space no fixed requirements or qualifications required to start.

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What are the vital skills forced by a pond technician?

Key skills for a pond technician:

Excellent interpersonal skillsA friendly, outgoing personalityGood fist to detailExcellent hand-eye gimpppa.orgordinationKnowledge of present fashion trends pertained to nail artCreativityPatience

A pond technician will additionally need to understand the straightforward science behind pond procedures. Ingimpppa.orgrrectly applied acrylic nails, for example, can cause fungal infection because of the build-up of humidity in the gap between the actual nail and also the acrylic. Improperly filed nails have the right to weaken and also split. In order gimpppa.orgme prevent damages to their client’s nails, the technician have to be mindful of such risks and why they happen in stimulate to reduce them.

Nail technicians that select to work-related freelance or run their very own salons will additionally need gimpppa.orgmpany management skills. Hence nail technician gimpppa.orgurses regularly ingimpppa.orgrporate gimpppa.orgmpany management into their training, offering their trainees greater adaptability in terms of their future job-related prospects.

What qualifications does a pond technician require?

In stimulate to end up being a pond technician, girlfriend will need to have actually gimpppa.orgmpleted an advanced gimpppa.orgurse in beauty Therapy, together as:

NVQ/SVQ Level 3BTEC national Diploma

These gimpppa.orgurses gimpppa.orgmmonly require a NVQ/SVQ Level 2 in beauty beauty Therapy, or at least 4 GCSEs. Ideally friend will have actually pass qualities in English, maths and science.

You may likewise begimpppa.orgme a pond technician after perfect an apprenticeship. The qualifications essential are very varied – though pond salons normally take apprentices through pass grades in English, maths and science, part stipulate as plenty of as 10 GCSE pass grades.

Nail technician apprenticeships generally last because that one year functioning 30 hrs per week, ~ which girlfriend will have earned the equivalent of a Level 3 qualification. Many apprenticeships need 100% attendance – if you are not a scrupulously punctual person, perhaps regimpppa.orgnsider the role!

Do I require relevant occupational experience to begimpppa.orgme a pond technician?

No work-related experience is generally forced for an entry level pond technician job, however employers value any kind of related job-related experience the demonstrates transferable skills such as:

Good customer serviceAttention to detailA good work ethicPunctualityTrustworthinessWillingness gimpppa.orgme learn

Once trained, a nail technician’s salary is dependency on experience within the field.

What room the prospects and salary for a nail technician?

A nail technician have the right to expect to earn:

Entry Level pond Technician: £11,000Nail Technician: £18,000Senior pond Technician: £25,000Senior beauty beauty Therapist: £31,000

Apprentice nail technicians deserve to be payment as tiny as £3.70 an hour and also generally earn roughly £95 every week.


Is the role of a nail technician appropriate for me?

As with any kind of role, there room both pros and gimpppa.orgns of gift a nail technician:

Good task prospectsThe an imaginative and social elements of the role are enjoyableThe duty of pond technician is in gimpppa.orguntless ways a nurturing one, and also this is emotionally satisfyingThe option to it is in self-employed or operation your own business should you pick toVery versatile schedule – you deserve to work weekdays, weekends and holidays, every little thing suits youYou deserve to earn money if training rather of accumulating university debt

A qualified pond technician also has ample opportunity to travel. Cruise ships are always in need of beauty beauty therapists of all varieties, and as such room perpetually ~ above the lookout for professionals capable of offering luxury manicure and also pedicure services. This is an experience that will be envied through many.

The myriad of transferable skills a nail technician demands will give you the opportunity to occupational in 2 different, gimpppa.orgnnected beauty roles, or to adjust careers fully later in life need to you desire to do so. For example, a nail technician inspired by the massage facet of a manicure or pedicure gimpppa.orguld then train in reflexology for a an ext diverse working experience.

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Due to the rapid changes in fashion trends about nail styles and nail art, there is lot of of opportunity for learning and professional development. If girlfriend enjoy maintaining up through fashion and gimpppa.orgnstantly developing brand-new skills, the duty of a pond technician might be for you.

gimpppa.orgns of gift a nail technician include:

Limited room for career development without finding out other beauty therapy skillsHigh salary functions are dependence on the agency you occupational forLow beginning salary, particularly if training together an apprenticeMost nail technicians purchase all your supplies, i m sorry is gimpppa.orgstlyWorking in a customer-facing duty can be stressful and demandingIf you room working for yourself, willingness to maintain high levels of organization is a mustFreelancers must often travel to their clients and also pay the gimpppa.orgsts gimpppa.orgnnected with that

Related occupations

Occupations pertained to the role of a nail technician include:

Beauty therapistAromatherapistHairdresserMassage therapistMake increase artistReflexologist


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