Are you new to the beverage market or just need a rapid lesson ~ above can and label sizes?

There are standard sizes for 12 oz and 16 oz aluminum cans. The canning sector refers come them in sizes that aren’t rather measured numbers. In American Canning’s heat of Brite Cans because that example, they market a couple of sizes prefer a 211-12 oz and also 211-16 oz. Of course the 12 / 16 oz refers to the volume and also 211 refers to the diameter, however 211 isn’t in measured in millimeters; it in reality is much more of a referral than a measurement. The very first digit is the number of inches and the next two numbers space the variety of 1/16 fractions of one inch. Therefore a 211 can has actually a diameter that 2 11/16 inch or 2.6875 inches.

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Using my prior expertise of geometry formulas that i learned in 7th grade (shout the end to Mr. Kolosinski in Burlington WI v his πD story), circumference is equal to pi multiply by diameter, therefore the total circumference of a “211” can is 2.6875 x 3.1416 or 8.443 inches.

In terms of label size, technically you could use labels that have actually a total width that anything up to 8.443 in, i beg your pardon is simply a bit more than 8 7/16 inches. Overlap can be a concern and it simply looks nicer to have a little bit of a margin in there, therefore we often tend to go v a 8.125 or 8 1/8 inch label.

The label elevation that you want is less complicated to measure up on the deserve to itself. For the 12 oz cans, our typical is a height of 3.625 inch (3 5/8 in). For the 16 oz cans, our typical is a elevation of 5 inches. In fact, the mass of every one of the labels the we produce for handmade brewers and beverage customers space using the dimensions of 8.125 x 3.625″ for the 12 oz cans and the size of 8.125 x 5″ because that the 16 oz cans.

At the Lauterbach Group, us keep countless sizes of dies (the devices that reduced after a brand is printed) in share that have the right to be offered for bottle and also can labels, yet if you need a practice shaped or size die, after customer approval, that only rises your as whole turnaround time about a week.

Find out more about our labels by contacting us at craftbrew
lauterbachgroup.com or phone call our craft brew brand number directly at 262-820-8123.

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**Update** Be aware that in this post-COVID day and age whereby it is getting harder and harder to discover your traditional aluminum cans, us have found (especially for the 16 oz pint aluminum cans) that they space not every the same! when the circumference is smaller, that means that the can will be taller in order come fit in the very same volume, i beg your pardon then might also influence how the label looks top top the can. Think much more margin on the top and also bottom that the can and also a contempt smaller gap where the brand meets. Take it a look at this mocked up demonstration the a label for our awesome customer elevated Grain. The can on the left is 207-16 can vs. A standard 211-16 have the right to on the right. The 8.125″ x 5″ label on the ideal is much more fitting. The can on the right offered to it is in the standard size for a 16 oz can and now… well you obtain what you can find.