The magician Of Oz: 5 things The Movie changed From The publication (& 5 That continued to be The Same) like all movie adaptations, The sorcerer’s of Oz changed a lot throughout its change from children"s publication to bona fide Hollywood classic

among the first cinematic masterpieces is The sorcerer’s of Oz (1939). It got universal acclaim on release, an essential praise the has continued to this day. The movie is based on a 1900 book, The exorbitant Wizard the Oz, by frank L. Baum. Not numerous know, however, that he actually composed 14 books about the floor of Oz, but just the very first book graduated come cinema.

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Baum"s work to be drastically different from the movie in plenty of ways, native the backstory that the Winged monkeys to the texture and also color of Dorothy Gale"s shoes. In ~ the exact same time, there were several facets that MGM retained for the silver screen. Below are a couple of of each.

during her life on the farm, Movie Toto bites a neighbor, miss Gulch. Being a nasty human in general, she requirements that the bad dog be placed to sleep. She also tries to kidnap Toto, but he manages come escape and make his way back home. No one of these events happen in the book; in fact, Dorothy finds farm yard life fairly pleasant, return it"s that a slightly harsh one.

Instead of developing a complex backstory (Dorothy to run away v Toto) the publication just has her living peacefully through her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em on your farm, till a tornado takes she away.

once a tornado strikes she Kansas farm, Dorothy, Toto and also her entire house is transferred to Oz (while she aunt, uncle and also several farm-hands take shelter in the storm cellar.)

The scene play out in an almost identical fashion in both works, although the movie has actually a few extra tidbits choose watching Gulch riding she cycle progressively morph right into a witch paris a broom. The reference right here implies the the miscellaneous characters Dorothy comes throughout on her trip are merely reflections of civilization she knows in real life.

unlike the technicolor dreamscape shown on the silver- screen, the publication version the the floor of Oz is much from gift imaginary. In the film, Dorothy wakes increase in she bed, with number of members of she Uncle"s farm roughly her. She realizes the each human is a symbolic representation of different facets of she dream.

On the other hand, publication Dorothy in reality goes come a place referred to as Oz, staying there because that months in ~ a time. In fact, when she finally returns home, she discovers that the farmhouse has currently been rebuilt (in the movie, it is plainly depicted together destroyed.

7 stayed THE SAME: Dorothy death The angry Witch the The East

The movie has audiences believe that Dorothy"s inadvertently murder of The evil Witch that the east is a metaphor. That signifies the her hate of miss out on Gulch is so extreme that she desperately wants her dead — and her fever dream offers her that fantasy.

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Although this is no true because that the book, the narratives around the event play out identically. Dorothy"s house does floor on the cruel dictator of Munchkinland, death her. Further, the magical pair of shoes Dorothy obtains did once belong to The evil Witch that the East.

among the major alterations in story is the truth that Dorothy"s gorgeous ruby slippers were only included since MGM want to display screen the full vibrance that technicolor. Instead, they are made of silver, and also are claimed to shine brighter than the moon.

Another feature of the slippers is that they are immune to ambiguous thoughts about missing home. Instead, Dorothy has to plainly state her particular destination, climate tap her heels 3 times before any teleportation could be achieved.

5 stayed THE SAME: Dorothy & Friends travel To The Emerald City

Glinda tells Dorothy that the only person in the land that can aid her return is the wizard of Oz, residents in the remarkable Emerald City. ~ above her method there, she comes throughout a rusty tin Woodman, a trapped Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion.

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These personalities seek the traits they think is lacking in them, a heart, a brain, and courage, respectively. With each other they take trip to Emerald City, where they arrangement to inquiry the sorcerer’s to grant their wishes.

The live-action adaptation displayed the gang meeting the Wizard, who takes the type of one enormous, ghostly head surrounding by mist (and explosions the fire to show his temperamental mood). In the book, the sorcerer’s meets each of the four personalities separately, so he can develop the illusion of true power in your minds.

Through the magic of one-of-a-kind effects, the Scarecrow perceives him together an attractive lady, the Cowardly Lion look at a burn globe, and also the tin Woodman beholds a monstrous creature. However, Dorothy"s vision of the matches the one seen in the movie. More importantly, the story was made less dark for audiences. Instead of questioning for the broom belonging come The evil Witch of the West as he does in the film, he simply demands she murder.

3 stayed THE SAME: Glinda helps Dorothy In she Journey

In one of two people version, Glinda stays Dorothy"s guardian angel, the perfect beauty who wields gentle magic. It is she who says that Dorothy "borrow" the slippers owned by the freshly deceased wicked Witch.

At the end, the team meets publication Glinda in she hillside castle, and also movie Glinda just appears at the Munchkinland party. But in both cases, The great Witch is the one who describes the magical properties of Dorothy"s slippers, telling her that they are her just ticket home.

while the Winged monkeys onscreen are violent minions of The angry Witch of the West, on text they are under duress, being forced to serve the Witch. This is because she own the magical gold cap, which enables her come command the Winged primates to do her bidding.

Furthermore, over there are boundaries placed top top the enchantment: She cannot offer them much more than 3 orders before the order breaks. In ~ the conclusion the the book, Glinda return the golden Cap to the monkeys, therefore they might totally free themselves native the curse forever.

1 remained THE SAME: The Wizard provides The Heroes What castle Asked For

After effectively carrying the end the mission provided to them by The Wizard, the friends return to Emerald City to acquire their rewards. The magician is eventually revealed to it is in a fake, yet he offers them exactly what they constantly wanted - even though the items each character receive differs between the sources. What"s more important, though, is what they represent.

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The Scarecrow gets a diploma (his head filled v pins, needles and also bran in the book), the Lion gets a military decoration (originally "liquid courage"), and the believe Woodman obtain a heart-shaped pocket-watch (previously a stuffed silk heart). However, the 3 of castle instantly know what their gifts actually represent: the they already possessed the traits castle sought after ~ all.