That pains in your earlier is not going away, and it’s time come let a professional have at it. Time to contact a masseuse…or is that “massage therapist”? Is there also a difference?

If you’ve been injured in a automobile accident or while playing sports, you desire to uncover the best treatment accessible to attend to your underlying problem and administer real healing, not simply “symptom relief.”

While massage have the right to be a useful tool in your recovery, it’s necessary to uncover the right type of massage carry out by the appropriate person.

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In this article, we’ll look in ~ the difference between a masseuse vs. Massage therapist and the many types of massages accessible to you.

Masseuse vs. Massage Therapist

“Masseuse” is a French indigenous that refers to a female who practices massage. (Males in the market were known as “masseurs.”) However, due to details unsavory connotations v the hatchet (as well as the need for more gender neutral terminology), “massage therapist” is preferred.

Although masseuse has actually come to lug a an adverse connotation, though, that base definition is fairly simple. It way the very same thing as massage therapist.

To knife the title, massage therapists need to study your craft and obtain state licensing. Indigenous there, they have the right to practice in spas, clinical centers, offices, and also everywhere in between. And, together the name implies, they specialize in be safe or heal massage treatment that friend need.

However, this doesn’t typical that all massage therapists are the same.


Types the Massage Therapy

There are numerous different species of massage therapy, every requiring various education and also practice.

Popular persons include, but are not limited to:

Deep TissueSwedishHot StoneAcupressureShiatsuReflexologySports

To be licensed in the State of Florida, a massage therapist requirements to complete 500 hours of total course work, however less than fifty percent of that is spent studying massage itself. The majority of a massage therapy course will include education on topics such together anatomy, business, Florida laws, and also ethics.


Massage therapists typically pick which modality, or type, they’d choose to specialize in, with added modalities requiring extra education. For example, a therapist might end up being certified in swedish massage, climate take a proceeding education food to learn Shiatsu or Hot rock massage a couple of years later.

Each form of massage is provided for a various purpose and they are much from interchangeable.

How Is clinical Massage treatment Different?

If you’re looking to massage to treat and also heal a clinical condition, friend won’t uncover it at a spa.

Spa massages are only designed with one thing in mind: relaxation. They may be advantageous for anxiety relief or minor aches and pains, yet won’t resolve serious underlying problems like car accident injuries.

A medical massage, top top the other hand, is especially catered to her body’s distinctive needs and also is designed come facilitate healing. Clinical massage is frequently used in conjunction through other forms of therapy, such as chiropractic adjustments.

And, whereby that spa massage is a one-time visit, you will likely have actually multiple medical massages over a period of several months (or more) until your problem has healed. Your therapy will likewise be managed by a medical professional with access to your clinical records, x-rays, and also other details around your injury.


The appropriate Massage Matters

While there’s technically no difference in between a masseuse vs. Massage therapist, there is a distinction in the form of massage therapist you visit.

Not every therapist is trained in every kind of massage, and going to a spa to obtain relief indigenous your sporting activities injury would be a waste of time and also money.

Make certain your massage therapist is certified in clinical massage therapy and has real-life clinical experience.

Get Relief Today

Massage is more than simply a be sure activity; it deserve to be one effective method to treat the underlying problems behind her pain symptoms, but only when done correctly. Just massage therapists trained and certified in clinical massage therapy need to be trusted through your medical needs.

At Oviedo Chiropractic, us have 4 Licensed Massage Therapists on staff who room knowledgeable and passionate about providing lasting pains relief v massage.

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Our medical massage treatment works in conjunction with the recent chiropractic care techniques and is overseen by Dr. Justin Cough.