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Imagine after ~ a long and also tiring day, friend sit in front of the tv come watch your favorite show.

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In prior of friend is a bag of peanuts.

You placed a peanut in your mouth after peeling it.

Suddenly, the texture and also the crumbliness the the peanut dissolve all her worries.

Peanuts room both yummy and nutritious.

But there space two popular options of peanuts to pick from

So, cocktail peanuts vs. Dried roasted peanuts.

Which one must you choose?

Well, cocktail peanuts are much more flavorful with the perfect lot of salt.

Dry roasted peanuts, on the various other hand, room nutritious however lacks in flavor.

Keep reading to know more about the differences between these two varieties of peanuts.

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 What space Cocktail Peanuts? What kind of Peanuts space Cocktail Peanuts?

The most distinctive feature of cocktail peanuts is the they room cooked in oil.

They likewise go with processes including salting and also shell roasting.

Therefore, it’s evident that not all peanuts are an ideal to be cocktail peanuts.

Virginia peanuts which space often dubbed cocktail nuts are among the finest choices for cocktail peanuts.

They appear to be quite huge because that the huge kernels.

Their size provides it much much easier to process.

In fact, they space the biggest of every peanuts.

The Virginia peanuts are mainly grown in southeastern Virginia and also northeastern Virginia. The peanuts have a distinct crunch and texture.

 (Planters) Cocktail Peanuts Nutrition Facts

Serving Size- 50g

Nutrients Amount
Calories 330
Total fat 27.00g
Saturated Fat 5.000g
Trans Fat 0.100g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 150mg
Total Carbohydrate 10.00g
Protein 12.00g


What space Dry Roasted Peanuts?

Peanuts room delicious together it is.

But roasting lock adds a brand-new dimension to your aroma and taste.

The peanuts come to be crunchier and more flavorful.

Roasting basically method the procedure of dried heating any kind of ingredient.

It evenly cooks the food from every sides.

As because that peanuts, people roast them without the shell.

There are two types of roasting techniques that civilization use for peanuts.

One is dry roasting and also the other is oil roasting.

As the name argues oil roasting involves the use of oil.

On the contrary, dry roasting doesn’t involve any oil.

You can dry roast peanuts in stove or a frying pan.

After roasting that for some time, the peanuts come to be crunchy.

You deserve to either purchase them indigenous the keep or simply make them in ~ home.

Dry Roasted Peanuts Nutrition truth

Serving Size- 1 oz

Nutrient Amount
Calories 165
Total fat 14g
Saturated fat 2.2g.
Trans fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 190mg
Total carbohydrate 5.5g
Protein 7g.


 Difference between Cocktail Peanuts and also Dry Roasted Peanuts

Some distinct features between these two make them was standing out.

So, without further ado, let’s inspect them out.

The use of Oil

The key difference between Cocktail peanuts and also dry roasted peanuts is the use of oil.

People usage oil to cook cocktail peanuts. Therefore, it’s much greasier.

On the various other hand, dry roast peanuts are simply dry roasted peanuts there is no oil.


Another major difference between these two is the saltiness.

In this aspect, Cocktail peanuts space much more preferable.

They have actually a constant flavor with just the right amount the salt.

On the contrary, dry roasted peanuts room too salty sometimes.

On optimal of that, they have a sawdust structure after chewing them for part time.


Cocktail peanuts space made that the biggest peanut in the people known as Virginia.

The big size of the peanuts renders it a perfect choice for food preparation them in oil.

On the various other hand, dry roasted peanuts can be any kind of regular-sized peanuts.

Sodium contents

Dry roasted peanuts save on computer significantly more sodium than cocktail peanuts.

Dry roasted nuts have actually 190 milligrams of salt while cocktail peanuts have just 90 milligrams.

You may wonder why manufacturers include too lot salt in dried roasted nuts.

Well, the price is quite simple.

Dry roasted peanuts don’t have actually much flavor adding fat.

That’s why many manufacturers add salt to enrich the flavor and make it more appealing.

Sodium is negative for your health.

Consuming too much sodium can lead come high blood pressure, heart disease, and also even stroke.

So, if you space looking to consume much less salt, the cocktail peanut is the right choice for you.


The cocktail peanuts are much more flavorful.

Most manufacturers include a flavor by adding fat come them which enriches the flavor.

On the other hand, dried roasted peanuts are rather plain contrasted to cocktail peanuts.

Overcooked Peanuts

Manufacturers chef cocktail peanuts in oil therefore they room significantly much more prone come burning.

You can easily overcook castle if you leave them ~ above the oil for too long.

That’s why many cocktail peanuts taste overcooked.

On the other hand, dry roasted peanuts have actually no concern of getting overcooked.

All you must do is collection it at an exact timer in her oven and also wait.

Calories and also Curbs

While eat peanuts, we occasionally go overboard and also keep on stuffing them.

We are just human. That’s why it’s best to look in ~ the calorie of peanuts to understand beforehand how countless calories we are taking.

One oz of dry roasted peanuts contains around 164 calories.

There are about 32 peanuts in one ounce.

Also, dried roasted peanuts contain about 14 grams that fat.

The saturation fat content is about 1.9 grams.

On the contrary, one-ounce cocktail peanuts have much more calories than dry roasted peanuts.

It has around 168 calories.

Though over there isn’t much difference in common fat content, the saturation fat contents is quite different in cocktail peanuts.

It has actually 2.4 grams of saturated fat.

Too much-saturated fat is concerning as it have the right to lead come obesity.


There isn’t much difference between the mineral content of the two types of peanuts.

Dry roasted peanuts just have actually slightly much more manganese in them.

Manganese helps your body indigenous bones and also connective tissue.

But cocktail peanuts compensate in terms of phosphorus.

It has much more phosphorus 보다 dry roasted peanuts.


Both of these peanut types have a comparable amount the Niacin.

Dry roasted peanuts have more folate i beg your pardon plays a vital role in creating DNA.

Cocktail peanuts have an ext Vitamin E which acts together an antioxidant removing

harmful totally free radicals from her body.

Product Comparison

To find the an essential differences in between dry roasted peanuts and also cocktail peanuts, it’s vital to look at at two of the ideal products on the market.

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Fisher dried Roasted Peanuts


The fisher dried roasted peanuts space a snack that you deserve to have through your family members in your recreation time.