Perpendicular bisector is a line the divides a offered line segment specifically into two halves developing 90 levels at the intersection point. Perpendicular bisector passes through the midpoint of a heat segment. It have the right to be built using a ruler and a compass. It provides 90° on both political parties of the line segment the is being bisected.

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1.Perpendicular Bisector Definition
2.How to construct Perpendicular Bisector?
3.Perpendicular Bisector that a Triangle
4.Properties the Perpendicular Bisector
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A perpendicular bisector is identified as a heat or a heat segment the divides a provided line segment into two parts of equal measurement. 'Bisect' is the term provided to describe dividing equally. Perpendicular bisectors crossing the heat segment the they bisect and make four angles that 90° every on both sides. Perpendicular means a heat or a heat segment make an angle of 90° with one more line or heat segment. In the figure displayed below, the perpendicular bisector bisects the line segment ab into 2 equal halves.


Perpendicular bisector top top a heat segment can be constructed easily using a ruler and a compass. The constructed perpendicular bisector divides the given line segment into two equal parts precisely at the midpoint and also makes 2 congruent line segments.

Steps for creating Perpendicular Bisector

Follow the steps listed below to build a perpendicular bisector the a heat segment.

Step 1: draw a heat segment XY of any suitable length.Step 2: take a compass, and also with X together the center and also with more than fifty percent of the line segment XY together width, attract arcs over and listed below the heat segment.Step 3: Repeat the very same step v Y as the center.Step 4: brand the clues of intersection together 'P' and 'Q'.Step 5: sign up with the clues 'P' and also 'Q'. The allude at which the perpendicular bisector intersects the line segment XY is that midpoint. Label it as 'O'.


Perpendicular bisector that a triangle is thought about to it is in a heat segment that bisects the political parties of a triangle and also are perpendicular to the sides. It is not essential that they must pass v the crest of a triangle but passes with the midpoint the the sides. The perpendicular bisector that the political parties of the triangle is perpendicular at the midpoint of the political parties of the triangle. The suggest at which every the 3 perpendicular bisectors satisfy is dubbed the circumcenter the the triangle. There can be 3 perpendicular bisectors because that a triangle (one because that each side). The measures of building of a perpendicular bisector for a triangle are displayed below.

Draw a triangle and also label the vertices together A, B, and also C.With B together the facility and more than fifty percent of BC together radius, attract arcs over and listed below the line segment, BC. Repeat the same process without a change in radius through C together the center.Label the point out of intersection the arcs as X and also Y respectively and join them. This is the perpendicular bisector for one next of the triangle BC.Repeat the same process for sides abdominal and AC. All the three perpendicular bisectors do an edge of 90“ in ~ the midpoint of every side.

The perpendicular bisector that an it is intended triangle after building and construction is displayed below.XY, HG, and PQ space the perpendicular bisectors of political parties BC, AC, and abdominal muscle respectively.


Perpendicular bisectors have the right to bisect a line segment or a heat or the sides of a triangle. The necessary properties that a perpendicular bisector are listed below.

Perpendicular bisector,

Divides a line segment or a line into two congruent segments.Divides the political parties of a triangle right into congruent parts.They make an angle of 90° with the line that is being bisected.They intersect the heat segment precisely at its midpoint.The suggest of intersection the the perpendicular bisectors in a triangle is referred to as its circumcenter.In an acute triangle, they accomplish inside a triangle, in one obtuse triangle castle meet outside the triangle, and in best triangles, they meet at the hypotenuse.Can be only one in number because that a offered line segment.

Topics concerned Perpendicular Bisector

Given listed below is the list of subject that room closely associated to the perpendicular bisector. This topics will also give friend a glimpse of exactly how such ideas are covered in

Example 1: uncover at which point a perpendicular bisector bisects a line segment of size 10 units.

Solution:A perpendicular bisector is a line the bisects a provided line segment right into two congruent line segments precisely at the midpoint. It is offered that the line segment is that the size 10 units. So, the perpendicular bisector bisects the line segment exactly at 5 units and the heat segment of 10 units is split into two line segment of 5 systems each.

Example 2: deserve to you discover if the clues of intersection of all the perpendicular bisectors for an obtuse triangle PQR with measurements as follows: PQ = 5 units, QR = 8 units, and also PR = 9 units lies exterior or within the triangle?

Solution: The perpendicular bisector of any kind of triangle bisects the sides at that midpoint. In a triangle, there room three perpendicular bisectors that deserve to be attracted from every side. To discover the perpendicular bisector of a triangle through the offered sides, monitor the steps offered below.

Draw a line segment PQ of size 5 units.With P as the facility and much more than half of PQ together radius, attract arcs over and below the line segment PQ. Repeat the same process with Q as the center. Join the point out of intersection of these arcs.Repeat the same procedure and draw perpendicular bisectors for the sides QR and PR.

The building of the perpendicular bisectors of the obtuse triangle is shown below.


We can plainly see the all the perpendicular bisectors bisect in ~ a suggest outside the triangle.

Example 3: attract a perpendicular bisector to the diameter of a circle whose radius is 4 units.Solution: Given, the radius the the circle = 4 units. Diameter = 2 × radius. So, diameter = 2 × 4 = 8 units. The steps to build a perpendicular bisector top top a diameter that a circle are as follows.

Draw a heat segment XY of size 8 units.Using a compass, v X as the center and also the radius as an ext than 4 units, attract arcs above and listed below the heat segment.Repeat the same procedure with Y together the center. Brand the point out of intersection of the arcs together P and Q.Join the point out P and Q. This heat is the perpendicular bisector because that the diameter that the circle. Brand the suggest of intersection of the perpendicular bisector v the diameter as O.

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The building discussed in the over steps is presented in the figure below.


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