What the hell is the difference?! Haha a guy who I used to favor a lot just told me yesterday that he has actually a to like on me. Ns asked him just how long he has liked me. His response: it's more like a crush. Walk that mean a Fu** buddy?Thanks,Audrina.(:

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When having actually a to like on someone, you have actually no intentions the dating. When liking who you DO have intentions top top dating.

I'd take the to mean that that admires you, maybe admires girlfriend a lot...But because that some factor he's not rather at the allude where he desires to get involved in a non-platonic partnership with you simply yet. Possibly he currently has a girl friend or the feels the doesn't know you well enough yet.I don't think it automatically means you don't have a opportunity with him.I guess that crushes are somewhat less an individual than liking someone, due to the fact that people have actually crushes on celebrities the they don't also know that well. So that's the straightforward difference, although to me, it's not a big distinction and ns wouldn't say the to a girl directly unless I additionally liked her...
a like is something the happens suddenly and also goes just as fast. Liking part one in the context is something deeper, normally you love them. The longest to like I had actually was 2 weeks. Meanwhile I was right into this girl in middle school and never completely got end her. At least that to be the distinction where I prospered up.
to me, like is choose a temporary thing wherein you don't know too much about the various other person however you just have actually a point for them. Climate crushing evolves come liking, i m sorry is an ext of one infatuation/obsession.
i never really thought about it, i guess it might mean two various things but I think about it as the very same thing.

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Everyone has their very own opinion.. However when ns say I have actually a to like on someone I average I love them.. Like aww i love you. Crushing is favor aw you're adorable, however I wouldn't day you. When I prefer someone i actually choose them and also want come be with them.