We’re being asked todetermine the orbitals the overlapto formsigma bondsinBeBr2, HgCl2, ICN.

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Recall thatσ (sigma) bondsare thesingle bond in a molecule. Lock are created from theend-on overlap that orbitals.


For this problem, we need to do the complying with steps:

Step 1:Determine the central atom in the molecule.

Step 2:Calculate the total variety of valence electron present.

Step 3:Draw the Lewis framework for the molecule.

Step 4:Determine the hybridization that the main atom.

Step 5:Determine the orbitals the overlap to form the sigma bonds.

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Problem Details

Indicate which orbitals overlap to kind the sigma bonds in:

a. BeBr2

b. HgCl2

c. ICN

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