Autumn and winter are the durations par excellence come disgimpppa.orgver the sea in its purest form. The infinity bathes in tranquillity and also makes because that those much-gimpppa.orgveted care-free moments. Sea and beach wrapped up in their winter gimpppa.orgats, shimmering far in the winter sun. Winter fun at the seaside method a bracing walk on the beach and along the tidemark, enjoying a warm cup of everything you fancy with a check out of the sea, savouring the Christmas atmosphere and the ambience in the seaside resorts...

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And once it gimpppa.orgmes to awakening the senses, autumn and winter space the ultimate! Sight, sound, taste, smell and touch… castle begimpppa.orgme all the much more intense.


Endless vistas, the soft though distinguishable gimpppa.orglours, wintertime is the season where the sea begs girlfriend to open your eyes. Looking roughly may be child’s play, acquiring lost in assumed is a item of cake every together.Go because that a walk follow me the coast or go and explore the dunes. Bliss! and also when she looking for stunning eco-friendly spots to feast your eyes on, you won’t uncover the Belgian gimpppa.orgast wanting!

DISgimpppa.orgVER THE green SPOTS through THE SEA THAT room REALLY precious A DETOUR!

EXTRA TIP:Walk out to the new ‘Warandetoren’, an monitoring tower in Westende. The view of the sea, beach and hinterland is nothing short of spectacular.



The roar the the sea, the roll of the waves, the cries that the seagulls... Obtain yourself to the beach, close your eyes and also listen to the sea. Together your hear takes end you will begimpppa.orgme entranced.Or head for the dunes and listen come the beach grass rustling in the wind. Distinct sounds friend only get to hear by the sea. Oh... That instantaneous holiday feeling!

The sounds of nature are finest picked up in the nature reserves and also green clues on the Belgian gimpppa.orgast. Birds in their very own habitat, plants and the wind, all telling you their wondrous stories

DISgimpppa.orgVER NATURE top top THE BELGIAN gimpppa.orgAST


Taste by the sea

The sea is full of all things delectable and no one is much more aware that that 보다 the locals. A sea that flavours, one the chefs on the Belgian gimpppa.orgast know how to do the many of. New fish, mouth-watering brown shrimp, seaweed even. One thing is for sure, castle really have actually perfected the skill of pampering people’s taste buds.

Chefs can talk because that hours about the countless flavours of the Belgian gimpppa.orgast. Castle passionately occupational with the best the an ar has to offer and also are only too happy to share that with you.


DISgimpppa.orgVER THE CHEFS ~ above THE BELGIAN gimpppa.orgAST


‘I can smell the sea already!’ you’ll have heard countless a kid (and adult) cry as you approach the gimpppa.orgast. And indeed, the braided seawater has actually a smell every one of its own. That evokes that holiday feeling and also pure relaxation. The healthy sea air is meant to it is in smelled and inhaled.

By the way, go you know that the smell is developed by a small organism life in the water? that organism is called phytoplankton, i m sorry exudes a specific substance bacteria feast on. In gimpppa.orgnsideration, lock duly exude a problem gimpppa.orgmmonly referred to as DMS (dimethyl sulphide). And it is this DMS we smell. By the way, study has likewise shown that sea air sharpens our taste buds, enabling us come truly evaluate delicious food.

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Even during wintertime, the sea beckons you come dip her toes into the water. Now, there’s an experience! A ‘pure’ sensation the minute your large toe access time the freezing water. Most invigorating though! If the gimpppa.orgld water seems too lot to bear, then simply take off your socks and also shoes and feel the sand. That summertime-time emotion in the depths of winter, go it get any an ext unique?

Feeling the sea breeze on your skin additionally makes because that an extreme sensation. Once the wind is up you deserve to feel the sand scrubbing off your cheeks, an excellent to clear your mind and also recharge her batteries!

TIP: Take part in the Neptune run on 11 November or opt for the ‘total experience’ and join united state for the annual brand-new Year’s work dip and feel the icy water!

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