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Glycerol is used for storage of enzyme at short temperatures. A 50% (w/v) glycerol systems will no freeze at –20°C. Glycerol is frequently used as a ingredient in electrophoresis loading buffers because of its thickness (1.26g/ml). In addition, glycerol gradients have the right to be provided in the purification of bacteriophage or proteins. Cat.# H5433 is anhydrous glycerol with a purity that ≥99.5%.

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Purity: ≥99.5%. Calcium: ≤2ppm. Magnesium: ≤1ppm. Lead: ≤5ppm. Zinc: ≤1ppm. A260 in ~ 10%: ≤0.05. A280 at 10%: ≤0.05.

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