Degrassi: 8 Couples that Hurt The show (And 8 That conserved It) Degrassi took every the usual teen drama tropes, threw castle in a blender, and hoped the couples were different enough season ~ season.

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Degrassi: The next Generation came out that Canada and ran for 14 seasons. When the show hit season 10, the network change the name it come the less complicated Degrassi. That the fourth incarnation of the Degrassi franchise and has the same format as the previous 3 televisions series. Anyone acquainted with the Degrassi name already knows what come expect: a show about teen problems dialed as much as 11. This ensemble team of adolescents attend the Degrassi community School.

With end 380 episodes, Degrassi contained heaps the characters. Some started out as recurring or guest characters prior to joining the actors full time. Some characters have to be on the present for many seasons together the main cast, just to be written off the show and also return in a later on season in a guest role.

Having so many characters creates an opportunity to formulate a near-infinite number of relationships. If one doesn’t work, a character (through the writer of course) has alternatives for one more character to start a relationship with.

That also way couples have a opportunity to harm or enhance the environment of the show, to get harsh criticism or high praise, to confuse or happiness fans. There have been plenty of couples ~ above Degrassi, but the visibility of some has been much more apparent 보다 others since they were so vital to the season or story arc, they forged optimistic or an unfavorable views top top Degrassi.

 Here’s 8 Couples that Hurt The display (And 8 That conserved It).


Peter and also Emma Degrassi
Emma meets Peter first at a neighborhood swimming pool but doesn’t know who he is. Later, she learns he attends Degrassi.

After she introduces herself to Peter, Emma is invited to a party through Peter (along through Manny.) Emma has an immediate and also deep to like on Peter, but at the party, Manny was seen disappearing into a isolated room. Emma confronts Manny around this, but Manny is adamant nothing is walking on. Climate inappropriate video clip of Manny surfaces, and also Emma discovers Peter to be the one who took the footage.

In the relationship, Peter was basically a tool.

Peter was an initial interested in Manny and decided to e-mail the video clip as revenge as soon as she garbage him. As soon as Peter learns Emma’s crush because that him tho exists, the attempts to apologize and even speak Emma she a “major catch.”

Right away, Peter has low morals and poor decision-making and also a subtle misogynistic perspective towards Emma. In later on episodes, Peter planned to spike beat at a party, obtained his car illegally modified, and lied around his knowledge of Sean’s substance use.

How did Emma hurt the present with this relationship? She kept providing Peter a pass with each indiscretion, allowing the typical and also contrived behavior to continue in illustration after episode. The writers can have excellent much better with this two.

15 Saved: Paige & Alex

Paige and also Alex Degrassi
Although castle met in the 4th season, Paige and also Alex hated each other at first. Castle couldn’t stand the sight of one another, usually obtaining into yelling catfights once in the same room.

Paige wrecked her boyfriend’s car, which required Paige to acquire a task to pay off the damage. Paige derived a job at a movie theater functioning right beside Alex. End time, the 2 girls came to be friends, and after kissing, they began dating.

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The an initial kiss between Paige and also Alex initiated a pair that conserved the show and also probably retained fans around. It do Paige concern herself, however the connection that blossomed confirmed that you can end up being friends with an enemy and quite possibly even afall in love.