So starting with LHS:eginalignfrac1sin x − sin x &= frac1 − (sin x)^2 sin x \ &= frac(cos x)^2 sin x endalign

I am grounding now and wanted to know how should ns proceed. Is this much correct?



Its done. Just split the molecule as:

$$ fraccos x . cos x sin x$$

$$= fraccos x sin x . cos x $$

$$= cot x . cos x $$



I loved these in mine precalculus class. Let"s go.

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You"re right but went one too far. Write:

$$ fraccos^2 xsin x = cos x cdot fraccos xsin x $$

from whence the an outcome follows.


I"ll deal with it specifically

Yes, begin with LHS-$$cos,x−sin,x=(cot,x)(cos,x)$$$$cos,x−sin,x=dfrac1sin,x-sin,x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;\because cos,x=dfrac1sin,x$$$$=dfrac1-sin^2xsin,x$$$$=dfraccos^2xsin,x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;\because1-sin^2x=cos^2x$$Write $cos^2x$ as-

$cos,xcdot cos,x$$$dfraccos,xcdot cos,xsin,x=dfraccos,xsin,xcdot cos,x$$$$cot,xcdot cos,x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;\becausedfraccos,xsin,x=cot,x$$


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Prove $fracsecA+cscA anA + cotA = sinA + cosA$ and also $cotA + fracsinA1 + cosA = cscA$
Prove $frac 2 - csc^2 Acsc^2 Aspace + space2cot A equiv frac sin A space -space cos A sin A space+space cos A$
prove the trigonometric identity $frac1csc A- cot A - frac1sin A = + frac1sin A - frac1csc A+ cot A$
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