The water autumn on the external of the cup come native water that"s already in the air. Water can be a hard (ice) liquid, or gas. Together you increase the temperature, ice cream melts right into water. Then as you increase the temperature more water evaporates right into steam. Likewise, if girlfriend cool steam, you acquire water, and if girlfriend cool water sufficient you obtain ice. As soon as we think that water as a gas we generally think that steam, i m sorry is really hot, however it can also be a gas a regular temperatures. There"s constantly some amount of water together a gas just hanging out in the air, in addition to nitrogen and also oxygen. (When people talk around humidity, they"re talking about the quantity of water vapor in the air.) therefore if you put a cold cup under on a table, the water vapor in the air the comes in contact with the cup gets cold and will turn right into water. This procedure is referred to as condensation.

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Answer 2:

The drops of water on the external of a cold cup come native the air.Believe the or not, there is a far-ranging amount that water vapor in the wait that us breathe. This is why we have humidity. A cold cup have the right to take thermal energy out that the water vapor in the air beside the cup, resulting in the water vapor to condense into liquid water. The very same kind that phenomena occurs once you take ice cream the end of the freezer - you watch frost ~ above the exterior of the container. In this instance the cup (or ice cream container) is listed below the freezing point of water. Therefore, the water vapor indigenous the air will certainly freeze once it comes in contact with the container, forming a class of frost.

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The water comes from the surrounding air. You view the amount of water vapor that have the right to dissolve in wait is a function of temperature. Currently the amount of water that deserve to be liquified in wait is smaller once the temperature drops, for this reason if you have a cup filled through something cold, the exterior of the cup is at a low temperature; this cold storage the air the is adjacent to the cup and also since the chilled air cannot keep the water dissolved in the air, the water condenses.

Answer 4:

As you know, water deserve to behave differently - it is in in the gas, fluid or ice cream form. Water "decides" in which phase to be mostly because of temperature. For this reason if the water is in gas type in the air suddenly gets somewhere wherein its too cold to be a gas, it transforms in come water. If in that minute there is something tough around, it will condensate on it, if nothings, we will get a "raindrop" that just drops down. When you have actually a cold sufficient glass in the warmer air, the water native the air roughly turns into drop and also condensates top top the glass if it gets close sufficient to the cold glass. The air about contains approximately 30 grams the water (in vapor) per cubic meter the air. Much more than sufficient to make her cup wet. Another question is if your cup has a drink in, just how much that the water that condensates top top the cup and also was in the air prior to came come the wait from the drink?

Answer 5:

Air has water vapor in it, and the amount of water vapor that is steady in the air depends on temperature. Cool it turn off to wherein there is too much water vapor, and also the vapor will condense out to form droplets, one of two people on a cold surface, or just in the waiting (that"s what clouds are). Heat the wait or the water to the allude where any kind of amount of vapor in the waiting is stable, and the water will certainly boil.

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Answer 6:

The fall come from the bordering atmosphere. Due to the fact that colder air reasons condensation at a higher rate that warmth air, water vapor included in the surrounding warmth air condenses out as soon as it come in call with a colder cup.