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"Come ~ above Baby" is the first official single from Saigon"s début album The best Story never Told. The song features Swizz Beatz top top the hook and was developed by simply Blaze. The album version featuring a verse by Jay-Z indigenous the remix version. The tune samples The J. Geils Band"s "Southside Shuffle". The song was released together a single on July 14, 2007. The video made that debut top top 106 & Park ~ above November 8, 2007.

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Put her hands upPut your hands upLadies and also gentleman your currently rockin" with the bestJust Blaze, placed your hand up Swizzy, placed your hand up DiddyOne two three right here we goMicrophone check one 2 what is this?The Yardfather comes to offer niggas the businessIt"s so beyond rap, penis sucker we live thisSo um, come on baby, come on, come on and also witnessThe following ten years of this shit, the slickness is deliberateLyrically it"s together sick as it getI remained in the pen, been in the jects, been in the inter tapsI been in the Benz, been in the Lex, remained in the M.S.X.Yes, I operation ringers around the fraudulent typeCome here and I"ll present you that i spit top top just more then a micI make it difficult for niggas to breathe, pleaseThese angry emcees squeezeHammers prefer the Pampers supplied to squeeze, fight the D.T.I Mike Tyson ya eye, put a permanent ring around itThen go run in the booth and sing around itLook, if i don"t pains the nigga the play through my wealthI"m prefer me on Entourage god, I"m playing myself, let"s goHold up, the pump will certainly make you run upPut ya human body in the trunk (Don"t you baby, don"t friend baby, don"t ya baby)Keep goin" nowNew York, and also all the way to CaliAnd the South"ll do ya jump (Come ~ above baby, come on baby, come on baby)Don"t touch the boy, yupHold up, the pump will make ya jump upPut ya body in the tribe (Come top top baby, come on baby, which baby)I"ll whip ya ass fromNew York, and all the method to CaliAnd the South"ll do ya run One two three we gone!You ain"t crazy, don"t girlfriend play me, don"t you know its Jay-Z When web ask girlfriend who"s the best, why wont you to speak me?Don"t you hate me, c"mon baby, to be it every gravy ns took my lumps comin" up as with a boxer infant My very first style may be if ns stutter, maybe however then ns slowed it down carried it indigenous the gutter infant Matterfact, ns don"t provide a f*ck what you rate me record labels said me, guess what the f*ck the make me at sight rich, stupid bitches understand I"m supervisor viscous like standin" over a wounded man with two biscuits Lets get it clear favor eucalyptus if girlfriend conflicted My flow is prefer the Cuban missile situation Nigga mine hand missiles is priceless, i hide a couple rare jewels in a verse because that my niggas that choose to listen prefer this Gotta permit it perform what it perform babyFour finger, three finger, 2 finger, one fingerHum dinger, gun slinger, that"s what ns amTrying to obtain some cash in mine hand as fast as i canSo girlfriend should, which baby, come on, come on and f*ck wit" ya manI acquired this lab shit under to a scienceAlotta niggas shit is aight but they ain"t fucking through RyanFirst there was part defiance, until I formed an allianceWith Justin, that plugged me in, currently I"m as warm as a fucking ironYou lying, every the gunplay talkKnowing behind close up door doors you be practicing top top ya runway walkI remained in the kill, been in the cap, remained in the box and backI remained in the "ville, tripping the gat, trimming a boxing matchAnd ns still walk around this fucker v not a scratchAnd that"s method more then I have the right to say because that a the majority of catsMy name"s Saigon niggaBreak bread mu"fucka" "fore ns break ya fucking head lil" sucka"

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Saigon Brian Daniel Carenard (born July 13, 1977) much better known by his stage name Saigon, is one American rapper and also occasional actor. Much more »