I have actually a Colt automatically 22 Cal. PT.F.A. Mfg Co in very good condition. Serial No.4952. Pat Dec 22, 1903. Anyone the end there have any kind of idea as to it"s worth?




What you have actually is the precursor to the Colt Woodsman. Most folks contact these pistols Pre-Woodsman.

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Production started in 1915 - yours was mde in early 1917. In excellent condition, these beforehand "pencil barrel" variations are worth around $1000 - mint versions much more twice that.

I can"t rather tell indigenous the pics the condition of yours. The looks to have actually a same amount the patina, however the close up of the Colt Auto Cal 22LR watch to it is in in very great shape, for this reason you have the right to decide for yourself.

In 80% problem you have around a $500 gun. In 90% you"re spring at about $750.

Nice pistol - cave on come it if friend can.


8 years ago

The picture is my .22 LR pistol, exactly, including the colt engraved in the left side of the slide. Serial no. 3299.I have actually mislaid my magazine and also would prefer to to buy a replacement. I"ll eventually find mine, yet could use a spare.

8 year ago

There is one for sale top top GunBroker v a buy-it-now price that $125. Look in ~ the photos to check out if that will work for you.


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