may 31st, 2007

people say lock want an ext color in your yards, and also flowers space the traditional way to execute that.

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Now’s a good time to thumb your nose at tradition.

So plenty of plants have such vibrant leaves these days the it’s possible to flourish a totality landscape together lively together the soil of Oz without a single flower.

I’m no dissing flowers by any kind of means. Yet one big advantage of vivid foliage is that it sticks roughly all season. The flowers of many trees, shrubs and also perennials come and also go in a fleeting few weeks.

many thanks to the tempt of wire-to-wire color, sheet has become the warm item in plant-breeding lately.

watch no farther 보다 the glut the coralbells (Heuchera), foamflowers (Tiarella) and also that marital relationship of the two – foamybells (Heucherella) – together proof.

Dan Heims in ~ Oregon’s cutting-edge Terra Nova Nurseries has actually been churning out scores of these wide-leafed perennials in a rainbow of colors. They all flower, too, however who cares?

one of Heims’ favorite is coralbells ‘Hollywood,’ a seductive beauty, beauty of silvery white leaf with environment-friendly veining and a note of burgundy.


The pipeline of foamybells 'Stoplight.'

i’m partial come a foamybells referred to as ‘Stoplight,’ which has actually maple-like pipeline of golden-yellow with red veins under the middle, and also a hard-to-find coralbells dubbed ‘Gypsy Dancer’ that has rosy-pink and also silver leaves with environment-friendly veins.

not your style? climate how around the virtually black coralbells ‘Obsidian’ or ‘Black Beauty’ or the neon-gold ‘Lime Rickey’ or this year’s brand-new peachy-leafed ‘Caramel?’

and that’s just a smattering the one tree family.

The garden-center perennial benches space loaded v leaf color from actaea (don’t miss the wine-leafed ‘Brunette,’ ‘Hillside black color Beauty’ and also ‘Black Negligee’) come yucca (big, bold strappy pipeline of stripe green and gold in ‘Bright Eyes’ and ‘Color Guard’).

You’ll find lots the golds and reds if she into hot colors, yet there’s additionally plenty the silvery leafers and soft blue-tinted plants because that the cool-color lovers. And also there’s variegation almost everywhere (leaves through two or an ext colors).

native a seller’s allude of view, colorful foliage makes plants much more enticing throughout the growing season 보다 in the green-leafed job when people bought mostly when the perennials and shrubs to be in bloom.

however that’s OK due to the fact that when you buy these plants, they’re also showing off every season in your garden beds.

Time the end for a rapid caution here.

don’t overdo it.

If you fill up with nothing however big-time leaf shade everywhere, you could cross end into color overload.

It’s prefer doing an ice-cream taste test. You’ll appreciate the following sample ideal if you have actually a cracker or drink the water between.

In gardening, tree with green leaves are favor the crackers and water. So provide your eyeballs and mind a rest with some green here and also there.

and also now, ago to the action…

The need for leaf shade is simply hitting prime in the shrub section, whereby it bring away a little longer to build newcomers than flowers.

due to the fact that shrubs space bigger and can critical a lifetime, these have actually the potential come play starring functions in crucial spots in her landscape. I’m reasoning front corners that the house, off the patio or the centerpiece of one island bed in the front yard.

one of the older and an ext familiar instances is the cut-leaf Japanese maple. Many of these have actually red or lime-green pipeline in enhancement to a gorgeous weeping habit and also eye-popping loss color. (Try to website them out of the wind.)

among my favorite newer instances is the ‘Diabolo’ ninebark, a aboriginal shrub through dark burgundy leaves, white flower clusters in spring, climate BB-sized red fruit clusters, then coppery fall foliage. It’s always changing, gets no bugs, is exceptionally drought tolerant and is cold-hardy enough to make it through in north Canada.

What an ext do us want?


Elderberry 'Black Lace'

Also brand-new in the last few years have actually been an ext colorful version of part old favorites, such as the variegated and pink-blooming ‘My Monet’ weigela (also a super-dwarf at just 2 feet tall and also wide), ‘Black Lace’ elderberry (dark burgundy serrated leaves and pink flowers), and also a dwarf forsythia dubbed ‘Kumson’ (netted white and also green leaf color and golden early-spring flowers).

also evergreens are acquiring into the act.

The dwarf goldthread falsecypress (look because that a variety named ‘Golden Mop’) has become a famous evergreen, not only for that is shaggy, bright-gold needled branches but due to the fact that you can’t kill it. This is the plant that’s mirroring up around McDonald’s parking lots.

likewise check out several of the golden Hinoki cypresses and gold junipers.

If those space too garish, tone points down v the steely-blue dwarf ‘Blue Star’ juniper, a weeping blue atlas cedar (nice at one of those home corners) or a dwarf blue spruce (‘Fat Albert’ or ‘Montgomery’ or the much more tree-like ‘Bakeri’).

We need to start calling them “evergolds” or “everblues.”

If you’re really good, you’ll coordinate her flower colors v the sheet colors of these an ext permanent leaf stars.

A an excellent way to execute it: take it a little cutting of her foliage plants along to the garden center and also hold lock up as you browse the annual-flower benches.

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by the way, you’ll also find great foliage choices there… coleus, Persian shield, perilla, cannas, dark-leafed begonias, dusty miller, gold or black sweet potato vines, etc. Etc.