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Low seasonHigh seasonAverage price round-tripGood transaction round-tripGood transaction one-way
AugustBest time come beat the crowds v an average 8% autumn in price.

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DecemberMost famous time to fly with an average 16% increase in price.
$438(avg. Price over the critical 2 weeks)
$37or less
$18or less

Looking for cheap airfare come West Virginia? 25% of ours users uncovered tickets come West Virginia because that the adhering to prices or less: indigenous Atlanta $987 one-way - $316 round-trip, from Austin $235 one-way - $382 round-trip, indigenous Nashville $530 one-way - $729 round-tripBook at the very least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.High season is considered to be January, November and also December. The cheapest month to fly to West Virginia is August.Enter your desired departure airport and also travel dates into the search type above come unlock the recent West Virginia flight deals.Most flights departing from and also arriving in West Virginia will carry out so at the state capital, Charleston, at Yeager plane (CRW). That is the largest and most frequented airplane in the state.Visitors booking flights to West Virginia have to fly to Huntington or Charleston. From either city, friend can publication flights to bordering airports, prefer Morgantown Municipal plane (MGW), Mid–Ohio Valley local Airport (PKB), and the Tri-State plane (HTS).Booking a flight to West Virginia’s Tri-State Airport close to Huntington, WV, is cheaper 보다 flying straight to the capital of Charleston. However, the 2 cities are only a 54 min journey from one another, so flying to the Tri-State Airport may be your finest option if you desire to reach Charleston.To reach the historical town the Harpers Ferry, think about booking your trip to the Washington Dulles international Airport (IAD) in Virginia. It is the closest airport to the town. Friend could likewise fly to Morgantown, WV; however, flights here will be much more expensive, and reaching Harpers Ferry will take much much longer by car.For those wanting to explore the southwestern component of West Virginia, consider booking a flight to Yeager airplane first, then booking a connecting flight to Raleigh ar Municipal airplane (BKW). Flights from the end of the state will certainly be far more expensive than flights from within West Virginia.
Delta, Aeromexico and KLM have actually waived their readjust and cancellation fees top top flights come West Virginia. Confirm plans on booking site.

Which airline fly come West Virginia?
American Airlines, united Airlines & Delta fly the most commonly from the United states to West Virginia.

What is the nearest plane to reach the many northern an ar of West Virginia?
Technically, the closest major airport to reach the many northern part of the state would certainly be to fly to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Landing in ~ the Pittsburgh global Airport (PIT) will certainly leave friend with around a 25 min drive to the West Virginia border. Girlfriend could also book a flight to North central West Virginia airplane (CKB).

I want to visit the northeastern edge of West Virginia. Wherein is the closest airport?
Clarksburg’s North main West Virginia plane is a great destination selection for anyone wanting to endure the northeastern part of West Virginia. The also about a 1h 56m drive from Charleston. However, you should likewise consider booking a trip to Baltimore, Md., and landing at the Baltimore/Washington global Thurgood Marshall airport (BWI). That not far from the northeastern part of West Virginia. Flights come Baltimore are much less expensive and much more frequent than flights to Clarksburg.

I want to visit the Monongahela nationwide Forest. Where need to I fly?
Booking a flight to the Raleigh ar Municipal Airport is among the quickest methods to acquire to this national forest, though flights are expensive native both out of state and from Charleston. Booking a trip to Virginia’s Roanoke local Airport is significantly less expensive, however the drive will certainly be longer. Girlfriend could also book a flight to Charleston, and then drive to Monongahela nationwide Forest, but the drive from the airport is long (2h 57m).

What is the nearest airport come the Greenbrier Resort?
Consider booking a flight to the Raleigh ar Municipal Airport to most easily reach the resort. Simply keep in mind the you will have to drive 54 mi to reach it, and nonstop flights below are expensive. Booking a trip to Charleston will conserve you money but will expand the ground pilgrimage to a complete of 121 mi.

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